Megyn Kelly Says Amber Heard Will Have A Tough Time Getting A Job

by admin

(ThePatriotWire)- Megyn Kelly, an independent journalist and Sirius XM radio anchor, declared that once the defamation trial between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ended, the latter was ‘unemployable.’

Kelly made the remark to Floyd Abrams on his podcast “Speaking Freely” when he asked what she felt Amber Heard should do next. Kelly explained that Heard was a ‘walking red flag’ since a jury found her guilty not just of defamation but also of malicious intent.

Heard was ordered to pay Depp $10 million in compensation and $5 million in punitive damages.

The Sirius XM radio host stated she believed that, for the time being, Amber Heard is professionally damaged. She expressed doubts Heard can come back from the scandal, even in a community that’s quite liberal and would be much more inclined to ‘believe all women.’

Kelly told the podcaster that, at least in terms of Heard’s career, a significant trial had taken place in the court of public opinion. She suggested that her difficulty in Hollywood isn’t that a jury has decided the outcome. Her problem in Hollywood is that the entire country saw the trial and concluded that she was a liar while Johnny Depp was telling the truth.

Entertainment reports showed petitions had begun circulating in efforts to remove Amber Heard from the upcoming “Aquaman” movie. Kelly believes that as much as Hollywood claims to rally behind the “believe all women” mantra, movie producers still want to make money. They didn’t want to risk that by hiring Heard, she suggested.

The radio host explained that moviegoers don’t want to see Amber Heard. She wrongly accused a well-known star. And in the public’s eye, she has come to represent all the liars who have unjustifiably accused others.

On “The Five,” the Fox News show host Judge Jeanine Pirro read Amber Heard the riot act. She accused Heard of being a bad example for women and claimed that she had done a disservice to victims of domestic abuse.

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