Megyn Kelly Suggests Assault Is Only Thing CNN Will Fire For 

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– According to a report, Megyn Kelly criticized CNN Chief Chris Licht for not dismissing Don Lemon after Lemon’s sexist statements that women in their 40s or older are no longer in their prime years.    

Throughout her SiriusXM episode, Kelly brought up the controversial liberal presenter and posed a question to Licht, asking if women mattered. 

Lemon, who is 56 years old, has been criticized for his insensitive comments on February 16  about Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s age.   

Reports reveal Lemon made the inappropriate comments after addressing Haley’s recommendation that legislators aged 75 and older should be subject to mental competence exams.

A report shows that CNN This Morning is receiving terrible ratings, and it’s particularly embarrassing for Chris Licht, who was just promoted to head of CNN.  

The new morning program, hosted by Don Lemon, an activist on the political far-left, only pulls in an average of around 300,000 viewers each weekday. 

His statements sparked bipartisan uproar, and various prominent figures, including Kelly, criticized him. It is known that Don Lemon has a history of inappropriate behavior with his female co-hosts. In the past, Lemon had also asked a woman whether she had a “mommy brain.” 

Kelly asked if CNN would consider our anger, or does someone have to forcibly grab boobs before we can be counted? 

Lemon’s comments were criticized by Chris Licht, who called it unprofessional and unjust to his co-hosts. 

Don Lemon was sent away for a few days after the remarks and was compelled to apologize on a call from his Florida vacation. 

According to a report, the female employees at CNN are upset. Because of Lemon, they are unable to do their duties. He is a liability to the organization and must be removed immediately.

In a tweet that included a video clip of the story, Nikki Haley wrote that it was usually the liberals who are the most sexist.  


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