New Climate Star Steals Greta’s Spotlight

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Liv Oeian /
Liv Oeian /

When you think about climate change, there’s one name that probably comes to mind more than any other. Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg has pretty much made herself the face of the movement for the last few years, traveling around the world and complaining about how much humankind is hurting the planet.

It’s been a good gig for her, getting her fame and, no doubt, some fortune throughout her short time in the spotlight. But unfortunately for her, that spotlight is now being focused on another young climate change activist. And Greta has effectively been left out in the cold.

Enter Stanford University’s rising star Sophia Kianni. According to Vogue, which dedicated an entire piece to her, Kianni is the youngest member of the “United Nations Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change.”

As Vogue explains, Kianni first learned about climate change in sixth grade. Shortly after that semester, she traveled to Iran, where her grandmother lives. There, she was shocked by the amount of air pollution – so much so that she couldn’t see the stars.

And so this prompted her to begin researching the problem of climate change and what it is supposedly doing to the world. Kianni noted to Vogue that when she first began to talk to most of her relatives about these problems, she was only met with “blank stares.”

I suppose this is because, like most of us, they have very real, everyday problems that are much more pressing than wondering about how hot the earth’s atmosphere is compared to a hundred years ago. (By the way, it’s only 1.09 degrees Celsius higher than it was in 1850 through 1900).

In any case, Kianni’s interest eventually led to her involvement in a number of projects, which Vogue noted now has a “huge movement behind her.”

Vogue also noted that the poster child of this movement “was” Greta Thunberg.

So how did Greta become a past tense thing?

Well, it was also likely to be a short-term gig. After all, you can only be a poster child if you’re a child, right? And Greta is now 19, meaning she’s legally an adult in most of the world and nearly out of her teens completely.

However, it didn’t help that she recently bit the hand that feeds her, so to speak.

In October, she basically accused the United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as the Conference of Parties or COP27 (since it’s the 27th one), of “greenwashing.”
For those who have never heard this term before, it’s basically the act of either pretending to be green or only doing green things to gain more wealth or power – or both in the case of COP27.

In a BBC interview hosted by Nihal Arthanayake, Thunberg explained that the whole conference was actually a scam. She said she didn’t attend COP26 and wasn’t going to attend COP27 because the events as they are now are “more or less assigned in a way in which and even encourages countries to, and nations and world leaders to cheat and use other loopholes in these schemes to benefit themselves.”

And she said she wasn’t going to support that.

Perhaps she thought she had gained enough name cred and importance in the movement that saying something like that would matter or that it would give them cause to rethink their actions. Perhaps she thought she was irreplaceable.

Instead, what she’s learned is that climate change, as the socialistic movement it is, is all about attaching numbers to people. We are all just numbers in an equation. And as you know, numbers in an equation can easily be changed out for different ones.

Clearly, it’s Greta’s turn to be replaced.

If Vogue’s reference to her as “was” isn’t proof enough of that, BBC has also used similar past tense language in describing the apparent has been climate child activist.

Now, of course, Greta was right about COP27 greenwashing and being a scam. She’s not right very often, given her misguided climate beliefs, but about this, she is. We all know it.
And that’s precisely why she can’t be allowed to remain in the spotlight anymore.

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