Obama Loses Title of Golden Boy in Detroit

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Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com

For years, Barack Obama was the Golden Boy of the Democratic Party. People loved him because of his background, his ethnic background, and the liberal message that he had to share. And wherever he went, people cheered for him.

The problem is that the Democratic Party is not what it used to be. It has become increasingly more progressive, and Obama is actually considered a conservative.
When he visited Detroit to campaign for Democrats, he was met with boos.

Michigan is quickly turning red, and that’s something that many of the higher-level Democrats (like Obama) haven’t figured out just yet. Those in Michigan have experienced life with liberal politics – and they don’t want to sign up for more of that.

Obama visited Detroit so that he could focus on Gretchen Whitmer. He spoke to a large crowd of Democrats, so it should have been a very positive presentation. Instead, he got heckled – something very rare for the 44th president.

His own caucus actually chose to heckle him, so this can’t even be blamed on Republicans.

There were reasons why there was heckling, too. Many blame Obama for instigating the Ukraine conflict.

The chant was too much for Obama at one point – and the video is truly epic.

You can hear everyone yelling “F** Joe Biden” as Obama tries to “have a conversation” with the crowd. This is truly epic considering the crowd didn’t even bother to tone it down with the cleaner “Let’s Go Brandon” chant. It shows just how mad people are about the current state of politics – and they’re not too happy with Obama promoting Whitmer.

Obama spoke to a crowd of around 3,000 people, talking about inflation being a global problem. He claimed that only one party is going to fix it.

Of course, he’s right. Only one party will fix it, but it’s not the party that he’s promoting. If inflation were going to be fixed by the Democrats, it would have been fixed already. Their Inflation Reduction Act would have focused more on the economy than on climate change.

Obama stood there and made excuses for all of the Democrats. He even went as far as claiming that the war in Ukraine helped to drive gas prices up. While that’s true, the real reason gas prices went up is because Biden canceled all of the pipeline deals, causing the US to no longer be energy independent.

If Obama thought that he was speaking to die-hard Democrats who would believe any lie that slipped from his lips, he was quickly given a wake-up call. The chants became so loud that Obama couldn’t even continue with his storytelling of how Republicans are “obsessed” with “getting Donald Trump’s approval.”

Obama may have gotten to Detroit too late because it’s the Democratic voters in that gymnasium that will turn the state purple, at the very least. He spoke for 50 minutes. Twice, hecklers interrupted him – and they were promptly removed.

It may be time for Obama to take a close look at the Democratic politicians that he’s promoting and realize that the Democratic Party is not the same as it was when he was president. Without that understanding, he’s only going to be heckled more and more anywhere he goes to promote a Democrat.

It’s safe to say that Barack Obama is no longer the golden boy of the Democrats. He’s associated himself with Biden for far too long, and people are done drinking the Kool-Aid.

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