Obama Reportedly BEHIND Election Night Chaos!

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President Joe Biden’s approval ratings remain low, and inflation continues to soar, making him a potential burden to other liberal politicians. As a result, Democrats did the only thing they knew how to do to cling to power in the days leading up to the November 8 midterm elections. They called on former President Barack Obama to try to help them save the day at the last minute in the critical battleground states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia.

The day after the election, longtime political strategist and Obama insider posted a tweet explaining why the former president waited until the last 10 days of the midterm cycle to hit the campaign trail.

According to David Axelrod, Democrats wanted to use Obama as their “closer,” to present their “final arguments,” and urge Liberals to turnout at polling stations to cast their vote. Axelrod considered the strategy a success, closing his remarks by claiming, “the timing was just right!”

Analyzing election strategies isn’t new to Axelrod, considering he served as chief strategist for both of Obama’s presidential campaigns. He also worked on dozens of other political campaigns throughout the United States.

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