One Man Finds Out What Happens When You Threaten a US Senator

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Every now and again, someone decides that they don’t like the way the country is headed. And they blame a single politician.

Blaming someone is one thing. Trying to take matters into one’s own hands and harm that politician is something entirely – and a man in Minnesota is learning the hard way.

Brendon Daugherty thought that he’d be able to get away with threatening to murder a U.S. Senator. Who that senator is has not been identified. Daugherty is being held at a jail in Elk River, Minnesota.

FOX 9 Minneapolis was able to obtain some of the court documents to share what happened. Two voicemails were left for a senator on June 11. The staff of the field office then contacted the U.S. Capitol Police.

The first message reportedly said, “You and the Republican Party should be proud that you’re pushing me to become a domestic terrorist. Have a nice [expletive] day; can’t wait to kill ya.”
Wow. That’s quite the voicemail, and most certainly should be viewed as a threat.

The second message was a bit longer, citing how he thinks that the Republicans are against gun control laws so that “disabled and volatile” people like himself are able to get their hands on guns. He goes on to say that because of them being against such laws, he can carry out his “nefarious” goals.

FBI agents visited Daugherty in his home in Coon Rapids on September 2. He told the agents that he made the calls to the senator because he wasn’t happy with what was being done about gun control. This was his way of applying some pressure to the politicians so that they would act in a way that he felt was better.

Daugherty, who is 35, was convicted of two felony counts for threatening to burn down a Pearl Vision and harm its employees back in 2018. Apparently, all of this was because he was upset that he had to owe $80 on a pair of replacement glasses.

Clearly, Daugherty isn’t mentally stable. It’s not possible to call a senator and make threats without seeing the inside of a jail cell.
And with two previous counts of a felony on his record, it’s likely that Daugherty will be convicted yet again.

We should be lucky that Daugherty didn’t act on any of his threats – and perhaps he had never planned to act. In today’s world, there’s no telling what is simply a threat and what is a promise.

And there are more and more threats that happen with each passing day. While there are definitely threats coming from every party line, the reality is that more threats happen BY liberals AGAINST conservatives.

As much as the Democrats want to paint the Republicans as being violent and crazed, it is the Democrats who constantly choose threats and violence over coming to the table and working toward an agreement that suits everyone.

A perfect example of overreacting and leaning toward violence is what happened with George Floyd in the summer of 2020.

We need the government to take every threat seriously – whether it is a senator or even a judge. And let’s not forget – threatening a judge is also an obstruction of justice.

Perhaps the Democrats need to be reminded of what happens when threats are made against any politician or member of a court.

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