Parents Rush To Enroll Kids In New Christian School

by admin

Over 500 pupils and their parents have enrolled their children at the newly launched Cornerstone Christian Academy (CCA) in Middleburg, Virginia, in the last week.

As a ministry of Cornerstone Chapel, CCA works with parents to provide their children with an education based on the Bible. CCA is devoted to guiding students toward unfolding their God-given talents, interests, and aspirations.

Parents are thrilled at the prospect of sending their kids to a Christian school that shares their beliefs because they know that they agree on the importance of instilling Christian values in children and want to work with them to achieve that goal. When a family can’t pay full private school tuition, the church assists.

Families around the Commonwealth protested at school board meetings after learning about many problems in their children’s schools, including the introduction of a progressive curriculum. Jennifer Paranzino, a parent at CCA, said that the school’s recognition of parents as equal educators is the thing she appreciates most.

Many worried parents in Virginia have spoken out against progressive laws and initiatives, such as harsher consequences for pupils who “misgender” their peers.

Recently, Fairfax County Public Schools disregarded federal and state anti-discrimination rules to insist that children use the pronouns and toilets that correspond with their biological sex.

The National Center for Education Statistics reported the most significant loss in national reading and math scores in the history of the testing regimen. This was the first time national scores dropped drastically in 30 years. Reading and math scores for fourth graders in Virginia fell more than in any other state between 2017 and 2022.

The governor of Virginia expressed his dismay at the “catastrophic” performance of Virginia’s fourth graders, who scored below the national average in reading and above the national average in mathematics.

Many students in Virginia who are punished for including references to Jesus Christ or God in their work have been motivated to enroll at CCA by cultural concerns. Kristan Bergman, a teacher at the Christian Classics Academy, thinks that to think critically in today’s countercultural society, children need a conventional education based on religion and comprehending the truth.

Modern public schools often use a Marxist or socialist pedagogical approach, emphasizing the group above the individual. Parents and children usually prefer private religious institutions’ more real, interpersonal path. Parents want a better, more real education for their children so they may have faith in their future.

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