Pelosi Breaks Internet With Hilariously Bizarre Poetry Reading

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If the Biden administration were held to the same standard as the Trump administration, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would be impeached, convicted, and out of office. While that may be ideal to some, it’s important to keep in mind who would follow in the chain of command.

Speaker of the House Pelosi would take over as leader of the free world and, based on her performance yesterday, it appears that poor Nancy is taking a serious turn for the worst.

On Thursday, Pelosi appeared for her weekly press conference in which she revealed she would “be reading a poem written by Bono about Ukraine which you might find interesting.” 

The House Speaker was to later attend Congress’ annual Friends of St. Patrick luncheon with Joe Biden in attendance where the poem was to be recited.


What happened at that luncheon is worse than anyone could even imagine. These are the leaders of our country, the people making some of the most serious decisions which will be studied in history books 100 years from now. After witnessing Pelosi’s performance, it becomes glaringly obvious that we need to veer off toward a radically different America if we have any shot of making it as a country.

This event was so cringy, some were even wondering if Nancy was pulling a prank.


The full poem can be found here:

Oh Saint Patrick he drove out the snakes; With his prayers but that’s not all it takes; For the snake symbolizes; An evil that rises; And hides in your heart; As it breaks; And the evil has risen my friends; From the darkness that lives in some men; But in sorrow and fear; That’s when saints can appear; To drive out those old snakes once again; And they struggle for us to be free; From the psycho in this human family; Ireland’s sorrow and pain; Is now the Ukraine; And Saint Patrick’s name now Zelenskyy.

The scary part is, she was completely serious.

Pelosi’s stunt comes a couple of months after she invited the cast of Broadway’s Hamilton to speak about the Jan. 6 protests, freedom, and, our favorite liberal buzzword, “equality.”


Meanwhile, just a day before slam poet Pelosi recited Bono’s brilliant prose, the Biden administration authorized over $14 billion in taxpayer-funded aid to Ukraine, including weapons of mass destruction, to use in the battle against Russia.

This decision was made after Zelensky addressed Congress where he begged for the United States to engage in WW3 in Eastern Europe, to which the Ukrainian President received a standing ovation.

One day later and we get ….this.

Oh, and let’s check in with Sleepy Joe, who also attended the luncheon. He’s a proud Catholic Irishman after all.


I think we’re doomed…

Author: Asa McCue

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