Psaki Believes Children Should Be Brainwashed With Leftist ‘Gender’ Ideology

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The clown world continues to rain the most ridiculous nonsense upon us while those of us with common sense remain bewildered by the state of affairs.

[source: The Daily Caller]

On Wednesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the Florida bill “Parental Rights In Education,” which is being incorrectly branded as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, is “horrific” and a form of “bullying.”

“Regarding the Florida bill, in 1994, when many of us in this room were in school, that banned federal funds for being used for ‘the promotion of homosexuality as a positive lifestyle alternative.’ Why did he do that and can you describe how his thinking has evolved over the years?” a reporter asked.

 “It’s discriminatory, it’s a form of bullying, it’s horrific and the president has spoken to that.”

“In terms of his views and comments from 25 years ago, the most important question now is why are Florida leaders deciding they need to discriminate against kids who are members of the LGBTQ community? What prompts them to do that? Is it meanness? Is it wanting to make kids have a more difficult time in school and their communities? I would pose that question to them.”

“Was there a reason he supported the same policy though in the ’90’s when we were all in school?” the reporter pressed.

“I think what’s important to note here is how outspoken the president has been against discrimination, against kids, against members of the LGBTQI+ community and what we’re looking at here is a bill that would propagate misinformed hateful policies that impact children,” Psaki said.

Do you see how Psaki worms her (and Biden’s) way out of any culpability? They used this tactic when Biden caught heat for his authoring of a 1994 crime bill which targeted young black teens for nonviolent crimes.

The bill in question, “Parental Rights In Education,” is a Florida parental rights bill prohibiting teachers from discussing sexuality with kindergartners. Despite claims from legacy media and those on the left who have labeled it as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, the bill does not prevent teachers – or anyone else- from saying the word “gay.”

The bill prohibits teachers from discussing sexuality and gender identity with children in kindergarten through third grade and requires schools to give parents the option to opt out of certain health services offered. Teachers can discuss sexuality and gender identity with students as early as fourth grade.

Progressives everywhere are voicing opposition to this bill which tells your everything you need to know about their moral code.

This is the party supportive of pedophilia after all…

Author: Elizabeth Tierney

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