Psaki Highlights Biden’s Record Of Weakness, Chaotic Leadership

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Jen Psaki appeared on a television interview where she reminded the entire nation of her boss Joe Biden’s record of ineffective leadership. She did so unintentionally of course, but her words rang true nonetheless.

These comments may indicate that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is beginning to comprehend why Russian President Vladimir Putin is now invading Ukraine — and it may have something to do with her boss’ utter weakness.

[source: The Daily Wire]

On Wednesday morning, Psaki appeared to admit there is a basic “pattern” to his actions — and it involves both her and her boss in the White House.

Psaki told CNN that the last time Putin invaded Ukraine, she was at the U.S. State Department and President Joe Biden was vice president to President Barack Obama.

Over the last week, that has also been pointed out by many conservatives who have argued that Putin invaded Ukraine precisely because of Biden’s weak global leadership — much like he did under Obama.

“I was at the State Department, the President was the vice president the last time Russia invaded Ukraine, this is a pattern of horror from President Putin and the cronies around him,” Psaki said.

In 2014, Putin attempted an invasion of Ukraine as well, albeit not the full-scale invasion that the country is experiencing currently.

On Twitter, Psaki was blasted for her unforced confession that Putin has taken alarming action while Biden is in a position of power.

Others have taken note of Biden’s record of weakness as it pertains to foreign policy.

Recently, Sen. Ted Cruz slammed Biden’s “weakness” in a lengthy speech from the senate floor, detailing exactly how Biden’s “pattern” of ineptitude on the world stage has led to the war in Ukraine. The list of debacles Cruz pointed out is worth reading in full to understand the calamity that the Biden team has caused:

Could this be a subtle way to throw the Biden administration under the bus as Psaki makes her White House exit?

Or could this be an accidental reminder to the American people that this guy needs to go — and quick — before he makes a mess not even Trump can clean up?

Author: Elizabeth Tierney

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