Recent Shooting Prompts Biden To Take Aim At Gun Owners

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Democrats are quick to recognize each and every instance of gun violence for the sole purpose of reviving their “Guns are bad” political message. They could care less about the loss of lives or even the context of the crime; they simply just want to further their control over the population.

Do you think Democrats are ever honest about the facts of these gun crimes they so happily exploit to legitimize completely eliminating the Second Amendment? No.

Are Democrats willing to admit the average demographic of those involved in crimes such as the recent shooting in Sacramento, California? No.

So will Democrats instead target non-violent gun owners who abide by the law instead of the thugs who’re actually killing people? Yes.

This is the clown world in which we live.

Joe Biden responded to a recent shooting in Sacramento by demanding stricter gun control laws in a state known for its strident attacks on the Second Amendment.

Six people were killed and numerous others injured early Sunday morning when gunfire rang out in the city’s less-desirable areas.

In other words, it was a black-on-black crime in one of Sacramento’s crime-ridden ghettos.

These are the facts liberal media won’t report.

Police noted there were multiple gunmen involved in the shooting and the incident was preceded by a fight.

CNN quoted Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester saying, “We know that a large fight took place just prior to the shootings. And we have confirmed that there are multiple shooters.”

Moreover, KCRA points out that police recovered a stolen gun at the scene of the shooting.

Here’s what Biden had to say after the incident:

Meanwhile, California already has some of the most strident and all-encompassing gun control laws on the books. Ghost guns are banned, background checks are required for all gun AND ammunition purchases, so-called “assault weapons” are banned, so-called “high capacity” magazines are banned, and they aren’t done yet!

Commie Governor Gavin Newsom is pushing to remove liability from gun manufacturers, allowing private citizens to sue gun makers. Additionally, California also has a 10-day waiting period for gun purchases, a gun ban on all university campuses (even for self-defense), and a limit on how many guns law-abiding citizens may purchase each month.

Instead of bolstering law enforcement capabilities, the same Democrats who support stricter gun control have probably donated to the bail fund responsible for releasing violent criminals.


Author: Elizabeth Tierney

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