RI Students Gather Evidence and Get Teacher Suspended After Liberal District Officials Refuse To Do Their Job

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A group of Rhode Island teenagers learned two important lessons and now a school district and other adults have plenty of egg all over their faces. Students at Davisville Middle School in North Kingstown had known this unnamed teacher to be a bit of a pervert, and after school officials and many other adults just gave them the appearance of not caring they took matters into their own hands.

These eight boys formed what they called a “pedo database” after he started calling the girls things like “sweetheart” and “sunshine,” as well as asking the girls to dance for him. Starting in January 2021, the group used a private server on Discord to keep the “evidence” updated daily, and with the school being virtual due to the pandemic, it was able to be updated in real-time. In one instance, the teacher said his students should be “in bathing suits tomorrow.”

One of the boys opened the chat by saying “This is now the official chat that we will later use as evidence against [the teacher[ about pedophilia in case anything does come up in the future and we do turn out to be right.” With attorney Timothy Conlon representing a preteen girl making allegations that the teacher has been stalking and being inappropriate with other girls he had been coaching, this evidence could be a real help. When the attorney and family took the allegations to the school district, they made it crystal clear that they didn’t care.

At this point, Conlon was able to have the teacher escorted out of school and put on suspension from his teaching duties as they investigated. This is where one teen spoke to his mom about the Discord channel, and she, in turn, contacted Conlon. Since then, the local U.S. attorney’s office, the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth, and Families, the state education department, and a lawyer conducting an internal investigation of the school have all seen the log.

One teen who spoke to the press about the case said “Sometimes they’d laugh. Sometimes they just kind of just sit there awkwardly,” the boy said. “Even the ones that said he was ‘creepy’ laughed because they were obviously not trying to tick him off or anything. So they’re just fake laughing, awkwardly laughing.” These signs of grooming are things many adults miss, so for teens to spot this and gather evidence is simply amazing.

“I did not ever think this would actually be used as evidence, but we always had it as if it was. So I’m glad that we did, even though it might have seemed like slightly stupid at times.” Hopefully, this young man and his friends have learned that what they did was not slightly stupid or anything of the sort. It was incredibly intelligent, and given the situation with nobody believing them, it may have seemed useless at the time, but it means the world now.

These liberal states and their leadership “values” allow pedophiles to have a place to not only practice their disgusting traits but also to convince others that their misdeeds are normal and acceptable. This brave young girl and her family likely thought they were speaking out against a whole town, and given the blue wall that RI has and pedophiles seem to enjoy, they were likely treated like that too.

Had these boys not had the conservative mindset to document, preserve, and store records of the abuse that they had seen, this case likely wouldn’t have even gotten the school to investigate him. Considering they already have another coach under investigation for taking body fat measurements of boys in various stages of nudity and alone, this entire administration needs to be replaced, and someone with proper morals needs to be brought in to keep the kids safe.

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