Royalties For Vaccines May Lead to GOP Investigation

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(ThePatriotWire)- Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky believes it’s time to get rid of useless bureaucrats who drain the American taxpayer.

Reports show Rep. Comer, the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, stated that the corruption of the Biden family, the vulnerability of the southern border, and the causes and management of the COVID-19 outbreak are his top three areas of investigation.

According to Comer, The National Institutes of Health’s procedures would be thoroughly examined, particularly the high salaries, extensive autonomy, and royalties for pharmaceuticals and vaccines purchased with public money over the past two decades.

In a comprehensive interview with Comer for the television program Just the News, No Noise, Comer stated that the Oversite Committee was highly concerned about the origins of COVID and a lot of COVID spending.  They have reservations about the royalties that senior government figures received from the marketing of vaccines. The slush money at the NIH is worrisome.

According to reports, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) disclosed last summer that 18,000 NIH personnel got 27,000 royalties payments for drugs, vaccines, and other medical technology, amounting to more than $193 million.

If the GOP takes control of the House in Tuesday’s midterm elections, Comer said he aims to remedy the situation by using the power of the purse. Federal bureaucrats have been allowed too much autonomy to behave as they choose without regard to the will of Congress or federal law.

Congress mandates that organizations have specific budgets, which they populate with various line items and spending categories. However, these bureaucrats then fact as they please.

According to reports, Comer has also indicated that he intends to look into how the Homeland Security Department, under Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, has collaborated with a private group attempting to censor Americans on social media sites.

Comer claimed that the current administration and the cabinet, especially the one chaired by Mayorkas, would characterize any facts they disagreed with as false.
They have repeatedly urged Biden’s Cabinet and his administration to end that behavior because it is illegal and should not be funded by taxpayers.

Once again, we will watch and hope Republicans do their jobs.

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