Schools To Face Disciplinary Action In New Jersey If They Don’t Teach Controversial Subject

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(ThePatriotWire)- According to reports, New Jersey’s Department of Education (DOE) hinted that districts that do not implement its contentious, required state sexual education standards, which go into force this year, might face disciplinary action.

The Gothamist revealed the DOE had consistently refused to explain that discipline, even when some school boards rejected the guidelines in response to parents concerned that these sexual-education sessions would be too graphic or explicit.

According to the New Jersey School Boards Association, the 2020 sexual education standards cover issues students should know about: personal growth and development, pregnancy and parenthood, and social and sexual health. The criteria also cover health problems, illnesses, and personal safety.

According to the standards, all individuals should feel welcome and included regardless of their gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation by fifth grade. By eighth grade, a student should understand that inclusive schools and communities are accepting of all people and make them feel welcome and included.

According to reports, some school districts have declined to teach the sex-education requirements, and district leaders have expressed anxiety at local school board meetings that state education authorities may compel them to comply with the standards. Some school districts claim they will only teach the new standard for one day, enabling those who oppose it to stay home on that day.

New Jersey law permits any family to opt out of any aspect of health, family life, or sexual education training, as long as the child’s parent or guardian notifies the school in writing that the instruction violates their conscience or moral or religious views.

According to Kate Farley, Chair of the Board of Education Curriculum Committee, few parents have opted out of sex education completely. However, some have decided not to have their children participate in certain classes. She estimates that 95% of students are still enrolled in the entire program.

Farley’s estimates may be wishful thinking.

According to Gothamist, the disagreement between Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy’s state Education Department and local school districts comes at a time when school boards and parents around the country are fighting over such education practices.

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