Secret Corruption Destroys City Council

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Los Angeles, California, is suffering through another filthy finding concerning two of its members who were involved in actions not consistent with their appointment on the city council. Liberal people have the terrible habit of thinking that they can engage in questionable behaviors once they get into a position of power.

But as Councilmembers Kevin de Leon and Gil Cedillo would find out, their actions should set a better example to the public of how a city official should act. These two people are accused of racism and being involved in corrupt affairs.

The accusations come after an audio recording detailing how de Leon and Cedillo were guilty of the crimes they were accused of committing. And it should not surprise anyone that the two are refusing to resign from their positions of power.

Mitch O’Farrell is the City Council President. He has the favored duty of removing them from their seats. O’Farrell asked for the resignation, but both of the accused refused. He ended up stripping them of their duties, chairmanships, and committee appointments. They will no longer oversee real estate, housing, homeless people, and community development.

The Daily Wire reported that O’Farrell stated, “The only recourse is resignation or recall. I do not see the remaining two members who haven’t resigned coming back to council with any level of credibility whatsoever.”

Democrats have an uncanny way of thinking that they do not have to follow the law. Cedillo and de Leon audio recorded involved others who resigned from their positions.
Their secret desire was to find a way to draw up new council district maps that would make it so all Latino officials could stay in offices. The new maps would essentially give each member of the Latino advance, which they could use to stay in power.

The sad reality of their attempted takeover was said to protect their economic interests. They believe that Latinos need a specific type of economic reality to survive, and they will do everything in their power to ensure Latinos have it all.

Their attempt to hijack their piece of America was revealed when the audio recordings were suddenly made public. The closed-door meeting that they had did not stay secret for long.
Adam Schiff engaged in closed-door meetings with people he was questioning when the liberals tried to impeach former President Donald Trump. He refused to let Republicans observe the questioning because he felt it would expose his nasty little lie about the president. Closed-door meetings are a trademark of the Democratic Party.

The Daily Wire reported that “the leaked audio recordings, first published by anonymous Reddit users and later reported by The Los Angeles Times, exposed Martinez’s racist statements about a fellow council member Mike Bonin, a gay white man, and his adopted black son. Martinez also made remarks about Oaxacan immigrants living in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles and offensive comments regarding Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón’s association with the black community. Councilmember de León made offensive comments in the recording about Bonin.”

Council President O’Farrell is urging the last two members to step down, but they are refusing to give up the power to which they have become addicted. The thought of another person sitting in their seat is repulsive to them. After all, they want to ensure that Latinos remain safe. Each council member is supposed to look out for all the people under their care, not just those they identify with.

O’Farrell reported that his duty was to help the city move past the crimes committed by the former council members. But he has come to realize that the city officials will find another president to lead the new group, which is something that he welcomes with open arms.

Liberals have an uncanny way of messing things up. They think they can operate above the law and do things in secret without having to answer for their crimes. But the divisive way they treat people will never work out for them because America is home to many people who need to identify as one unified nation and not as little cell groups fighting to maintain dominance.

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