Sen. Cruz is “Pissed Off” at Moves McConnell Made in the Midterms

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Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is fiery mad and he’s aiming at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Cruz got intense on a recent podcast and said that the GOP should have won the majority in the upper chamber of Congress. He blamed McConnell for his decision not to support Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters.

Cruz released an episode of his podcast that is called “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” where he and co-host Ben Ferguson talked about the midterm elections. They focused on the failure of the Republicans to recapture the Senate.

The Texas senator shared his frustration and said there was no excuse for McConnell choosing to abandon Masters, he called it “indefensible.”

“Well, Ben, let me start off by saying I am so pissed off, I cannot even see straight. We had an extraordinary opportunity. We had a generational opportunity. This should have been a fundamental landslide election. We should have won the House and the Senate. We should have a 30, 40, 50 vote majority in the House. We should have 53, 54, 55 Republicans in the Senate,” Cruz said.

Sen. Cruz is referring to McConnell’s PAC allegedly pulling $8 million in campaign spending from Arizona after Masters won the primary election, according to Fox News.

On the podcast, Cruz was asked if he thought McConnell would donate to Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s campaign in the run-off election. He said that he probably would, but he also said that he believes the GOP could have won Arizona.

“Oh, look, I’m sure he will raise money and invest in the race … But if you look at this last cycle, Mitch McConnell pulled the money out of Arizona. We could have won — won Arizona.
Ben Ferguson wanted to know exactly why McConnell decided to pull out the money from the Master’s campaign when he had a legitimate chance of winning and he desperately needed it. He asked Sen. Cruz to explain it to him.

“Because Masters said he would vote against Mitch McConnell, and so Mitch would rather be Leader than have a Republican majority. If there’s a Republican who can win, who’s not gonna support Mitch, the truth of the matter is he’d rather the Democrat win. So he pulled all the money out of Arizona,” Cruz responded.

Cruz flat-out said that America is “screwed” for the next four years because of the Republican’s failure to regain the majority. He said that the country is going to see terrible Left-wing judges confirmed and seated on the bench because of this. Those judges are going to try and take away our rights like freedom of speech, our religious liberty rights, and our Second Amendment rights.

CNN even shared a clip of the podcast after talking about the “red wave that never came.”

Cruz kept harping on the enormous opportunity that was lost and he said it was hard to describe the depths of his feelings at the moment, but he did call it “rage.”

Former President Donald Trump has also leveled intense criticism against Sen. Mitch McConnell over the Blake Masters campaign. But the former president’s critics have said that he did not use the $100 million his PAC has collected to support any GOP candidates in the midterms.

McConnell and his allies in his PAC spent $13.1M in Arizona a spokesperson for One Nation said in a call in at the interview with Cruz.

The New York Times reported that Steven Law, the head of a McConnell-aligned super PAC, told finance expert Peter Thiel that Masters had scored the worst focus group results of any candidate he had ever seen.

So, there is a good bit of mud in these GOP waters. McConnell’s office was asked to comment on what Cruz had said but refused.

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