Senator Accuses President of Lying

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 President Joe Biden has a reputation for saying the wrong thing. Usually, that’s just because he’s confused about something, like which job he’s running for or who’s president, but sometimes there’s a more devious motive. This week, a GOP senator accused him of being dishonest about his energy policies.

Talking to an Interior Department official on December 13, Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) asked for some clarity on whether Biden is increasing or freezing oil production because he seems to want to do both at the same time. Barrasso showed Deputy Interior Secretary Tommy Beaudreau two statements from the president — one from June 22, when Biden said it was “nonsense” that he had blocked new oil drilling on federal land, and another from November when he told a rally “there is no more drilling.” He then asked Beaudreau which of Biden’s contradictory statements was a lie.

Beaudreau tried to wriggle out of the question, apparently by creatively misunderstanding it. He told Barrasso that oil production on public land “has not stopped” and, in fact, had increased. Barrasso quickly turned that back at him, asking if this meant Biden was lying when he said there was no new drilling. At that point, Beaudreau fell back on “I can’t comment.” 

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