She Loved “Serial Killers” So Much That She Tried To Become One 

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( The serial killer-loving woman who slit the throat of her boyfriend before stabbing him 17 times was sentenced last week in a UK court, the BBC reported. 

Shaye Groves, 27, was sentenced to a minimum of 23 years in prison at Winchester Crown Court last week after being found guilty of the July 17, 2022 murder of Frankie Fitzgerald at her home in Havant, Hampshire. 

During the trial, prosecutors revealed that Groves and her victim had shared an interest in bondage and S&M and that a camera was set up in her bedroom to film them during their encounters. 

In searching her home, police discovered framed photographs of serial killers on the walls, including the infamous Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe. She also had a wide collection of books on criminals, along with Viking axes and knives under her pillow and bed, including the Celtic dagger Groves used to murder Fitzgerald. 

According to prosecutors, after discovering that Fitzgerald had been messaging someone she mistakenly believed was a 13-year-old girl, out of jealousy, Groves stabbed him to death as he slept. 

The person was not 13, but 17, and Fitzgerald had blocked her on social media. 

Prosecuting attorney Steven Perian said that Groves had used the knowledge she gained from murder documentaries and her books on criminals to portray herself as a victim of sexual violence, sending a friend footage from the camera in her bedroom that was edited to appear as if Fitzgerald had raped her. However, Perian said the unedited footage revealed that it was consensual. 

Perian said by using what she learned from the documentaries and books, Groves was able to “set up a false alibi” and “create a false narrative.” 

In sentencing Groves, Justice Kerr described her as a “manipulative, possessive, and jealous woman.” He said her relationship with Fitzgerald created a “dangerous dynamic,” and when she lost her temper, Groves “acted on impulse.” 

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