State Poll Says “Mayor Pete” Is Now the Democrat Frontrunner for 2024

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President Joe Biden’s approval rating dropped to 36% in July, the lowest point of his presidency — so far. His mishandling of the economy and his dwindling polling figures hint (or shout) at a potential Red Wave for the upcoming midterm elections. A recent state poll indicated his shrinking popularity had reached the point that “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg is now the leading contender for the Democratic nomination in 2024.

On July 26, the University of New Hampshire released its long-awaited Granite State Poll. When asked which candidate they would support in 2024, likely Democratic voters chose Transportation Secretary Buttigieg over Biden, 17% to 16%. Additionally, 74% of the survey participants said they didn’t want the president to throw his hat in the ring during the next presidential campaign

Biden’s inability to keep pace with one of his cabinet secretaries isn’t his only problem. A total of 78% of Granite Staters expressed concerns about Biden’s age. Curiously, the divide between the two main parties was close, with 75% of Democrats and 88% of Republicans expressing apprehension. Independents came in at 65%.

Looking at the other half of the Undynamic Duo, Vice President Kamala Harris only managed to scrape up a paltry 6% of the survey participants’ support for a 2024 run. Former presidential hopefuls Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Hillary Clinton came in at 8% and 3% support, respectively.

What do you think? Will Biden and Harris run for reelection, or do you think Democrats will look elsewhere for a viable candidate?

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