State-Run “News” Outlets Refuse To Report Identity Of Latest Mass Shooter

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Can you guess why?

It no longer comes as a shock when glaring examples of journalistic malpractice are in the spotlight. To expect anything else from the liberal media would be a serious miscalculation. It’s almost like expecting a ravenous lion to behave like a gentle lamb; it’s just not possible.

Recently, the corporate press attempted to bury the details of a mass shooting in Brooklyn, New York. An ardent supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, the African American shooter posted radical anti-white propaganda to his social media accounts before opening fire in a subway car.

Reporters worked overtime to conceal the race and political leanings of the subway shooter.

It appears they’re utilizing this strategy once again after a shooting occurred on Saturday at a shopping mall in South Carolina.

Jewayne Price, 22, who was originally detained by police as a person of interest in the shooting that took place at the mall, has been charged with unlawful carrying of a pistol, the Columbia Police Department said in a press release.

Investigators are still determining how many people fired weapons inside the mall but believe there were at least three suspects who “displayed firearms” during the violence.

Price is a repeat offender and was previously arrested in 2018 for another shooting.

Fourteen people were injured as Price’s shots rang out within the mall, causing a large stampede. The victims range in age from 15 to 73-years-old. Nine people suffered gunshot wounds. Five victims were injured as they attempted to leave the mall, suffering broken bones and a head injury.

All the victims have either been released from the hospital or will be shortly except for one 73-year-old woman, who is still receiving treatment, according to police.

The shooter’s intentions have yet to be determined as police consider the crime an “ongoing investigation,” according to the CPD.

To make matters worse, the 22-year-old African American murderer was given a meager $25,000 bond and may return to work (if he has a job) should Price make bail.

Price can go to work while wearing an ankle monitor but otherwise will be on house arrest should he post bond, according to police.

Truly some crazy times we live in! A known killer is allowed back into the workforce just days after terrorizing shoppers at a mall — with the support of mainstream media, who is attempting to bury the story as we speak.

Author: Robert Bogart

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