Taxpayers Forced To Endure Financial Strain Of Ukrainian Refugees

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The Biden administration has decided to add even more strain on the U.S. taxpayer when he promised to accept up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russia’s military invasion.

Biden’s move comes after NATO broke several promises to Russian President Vladimir Putin, triggering a response that could very likely be the spark of another World War.

A senior administration official said the number would count against the refugee cap ceiling of 125,000 people for fiscal year 2022 but added that the commitment of 100,000 is time-bound and could extend beyond the year.

Officials are inviting the Ukraine migrants even as they are also urging other Ukraine people to stay and fight Russia.

The 100,000 number will likely increase if the war continues and will rise again as the first 100,000 bring in more family members.

The news comes as Biden’s deputies continue to let many economic migrants across the United States’ southern border. In 2021, his deputies allowed at least 1 million economic migrants across the border. The southern inflow is accompanied by a rising inflow of visa workers and legal immigrants.

Experts predict an immigrant inflow of two million people in 2022, even as almost four million young Americans begin looking for work.

Overall, the federal government’s policy of extracting workers, consumers, and renters from other countries tends to reduce Americans’ wages and raise their rents.  This shift moves wealth from working Americans towards investors, from heartland states to the coasts, from young people to retirees.

This shift helps to explain why almost 20 million American men have been pushed out of the workforce, and are not even looking for jobs.

Biden’s decision will get him praise from the left and his globalist liberal cohorts but will have a serious impact on the American labor market.

Many Americans agree that the U.S. should accept refugees from Ukrainian but that welcoming spirit begins to diminish when Americans are asked if the refugees should be allowed to stay in the United States, presumably to compete for jobs, homes, university slots, and other resources.

Just 25% of the likely voters said more than 100,000 Ukrainians should be “granted permanent residency in the United States.” Only 11% said 50,000 to 100,000 should be allowed to stay, according to a Rasmussen Poll released on Wednesday.

Voila! Democrats will have successfully imported yet another voter base!

Author: Ginger Fassbinder

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