Teachers’ Unions Got WAY Too Political

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Teachers’ unions are supposed to focus on making sure that teachers are getting the necessary tools to do their job while also ensuring that children are getting a quality education.

What happens when a teachers’ union decides to focus on politics, however? Well, that’s when the you-know-what hits the fan.

$59 million were funneled to leftist causes by teachers’ unions – and that’s despite 57% of teachers being either Republicans or Independents.

That’s a significant amount of money. Most would even go as far as saying that the money was poorly used. Think about how much of that money could have been invested in technology, better textbooks, and more that would actually benefit students.

If a teacher paid dues to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) or the National Education Association (NEA), they were paying for far-left political campaigns, whether they realized it or not.

The Government Accountability Institute reviewed documents from the Department of Labor. They noticed that over the past 20 years, a significant amount of the dues was being spent differently. It used to be that the money was spent on representation to ensure that collective bargaining was taking place, professional development was being scheduled, and school funding was a top priority.

Now, most of the spending is on lobbying and political campaigns.

There’s a serious spending disparity. In 2021, the NEA managed to spend over $60 million to push the far-left agenda. You know – things like drag queens in school libraries, books on shifting genders, and even the Critical Race Theory. Only about $30 million was spent on its members.

Imagine being a conservative teacher and paying dues – only to find out that you’re helping to fund the far-left agendas that you despise. To say that you’d be upset is quite an understatement.

$59 million was sent to outside groups from the NEA and AFT in 2020. 100% of that money went to leftist causes – and supported politicians who are among as far left as you can possibly go on the political spectrum. This includes Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi, and even failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Moms for Liberty spoke with Breitbart News to explain that radical teachers’ unions have been controlling public education for far too long. The dangerous part about it, as they explain, is “ “They do not represent the interests of American parents, and their half-a-billion-dollar budget is clearly not spent representing their own membership.”

Teachers’ unions have clearly forgotten who they are supposed to be representing. We don’t need them to support organizations like “Color of Change PAC” that oppose police unions. We need the police to keep our kids safe at school and our families safe inside their communities.

It’s hard to listen to teachers’ unions blame Republicans for why schools aren’t safe when they are literally supporting the organizations that are making it impossible to keep everything safe.

Moms for Liberty is one of the many conservative voices that are willing to fight. The co-founders have said, “Reading and math scores are at an all-time low in our country and we call on all teachers to fire the unions that no longer represent you or your profession.”

The Democrats love to love unions, but what happens when unions are no longer doing what they are supposed to do? The only thing teachers’ unions are doing at this point is using the dues to collectively push the leftist agenda – even when teachers and parents don’t want to see that agenda in place.

This is typical Democratic behavior. They’re refusing to listen to the very people that they claim to represent.

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