Texas Governor Gives Warning on Violations of Ban Against Mask Mandates

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Several states across America have implemented measures to bar government entities from requiring masks and vaccines. Florida was the very first state to codify this measure and others into law; then, shortly thereafter, Texas followed suit via similar measures.

Despite implementing a statewide mask mandate back in 2020, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has since repealed it. Furthermore, the Texas Republican governor recently passed an executive order known as GA-38 that prohibits government entities from implementing mask mandates.

Unfortunately, however, there are some government entities in Texas looking to bypass the order and do as they wish. This week, Abbott let them know that this will not slide. The governor of the Lone Star State declared that government entities in violation of GA-38 will be taken to court, as Fox News reports.

The Texas Governor and AG on the Upholding of GA-38

Abbott made clear yesterday that local governments and schools are not allowed to implement mask mandates. This reminder comes amid Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins demanding that county businesses, schools, and childcare places implement mask requirements.

The Texas governor and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton did not let this slide. Both Abbott and Paxton declared that Judge Jenkins is in breach of GA-38. In a statement, Paxton noted that previous judges have attempted to override Texas executive orders only to be reined in by courts later on.

Right now, schools in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin are looking to push back against the governor’s executive order. Abbott declared yesterday that Texas will continue to fight for the freedoms and liberties of their residents, even if this means taking violators of anti-mask mandate executive orders to court.

Standing Firm Against Mandates

Now is the time to resist and stand against mandates. Government entities in violations of laws or executive orders barring mask mandates need to be taken to court each and every time. It is therefore very good to see the Texas governor and Texas attorney general willing to act on behalf of freedoms.

The more resistance against mandates, the better. Simply falling in line with more mandates and more government control is not the answer. This only ensures continued tyranny and the continued moving of goalposts.

All in all, the mandates, control, and blanket government edicts will end when enough people get tired of them. Right now, there is a national debate in this country about whether or not parents deserve the right to determine if their kids wear masks in schools.

Those in favor of mandates believe that parents shouldn’t get a say so at all and that kids should be forced into face coverings. One way or another, this has to end.

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