Thanks, Biden: White House Warns Inflation Here To Stay

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You know it’s bad when the White House admits that inflation is a national emergency.

What they fail to admit, however, are the key issues explaining why the American public is left with skyrocketing consumer prices. Obviously, Jen Psaki won’t be honest about her boss’ horrendous economic principles, which are intrinsically linked to current inflationary trends. Oh no.

The Biden administration insists on pulling the wool over America’s eyes when discussing economic matters and the ‘invisible’ tax’ levied on consumers thanks to unprecedented levels of inflation.

On Monday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki braced reporters ahead of the March Consumer Price Index which is set for release on Tuesday morning. Psaki issued a warning about Biden’s historic levels of inflation, trying desperately to soften the blow.

The White House press secretary told reporters that while “we are in a better place than we were last month,” the administration expects “headline inflation to be extraordinarily elevated due to Putin’s price hike.”

There it is! #Putin’sPriceHike

The Biden administration is so desperate for a scapegoat that they’re willing to skirt culpability for a sinking economy while blaming an adversarial foreign leader, despite every indication that Biden’s policies are to blame for historic inflation.

Psaki noted that inflation discussion did in fact occur before the military conflict in Ukraine but argued that current gas prices are a direct result of banning oil imports from Russia. She fails to mention price increases in other markets such as beef, used automobiles, construction materials, etc.

Furthermore, Psaki used the opportunity to push Congress to pass the remainder of President Joe Biden’s economic agenda and “reduce costs for the American people.”

“We have, of course, legislation that could do exactly that and cut the cost of childcare, of healthcare, of elder care,” she stated.

Yes, because adding trillions of dollars to the national debt is surely the wisest move Congress can make during a period of heavy inflation and economic stagnation!

Psaki’s advice to pass Biden’s massive social spending bill during a recessed economy goes to show just how morally bankrupt Democrats tend to be. By advising Congress to pass another trillion-dollar spending bill, what Psaki is essentially doing is signaling to the American people the Democrats’ unwillingness to actually correct the inflation problem, thus contributing further to high consumer prices.

Weird how when a fiscally responsible Republican is at the helm, prices are low and our economy is efficient? Imagine that!

Author: Asa McCue

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