The Real Reason Biden Crashed His Bike…

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If you haven’t heard, Democratic President Joe Biden took quite a fall last Saturday. Yes, another one. Only this one wasn’t just him falling up the stairs. Instead, it was made more serious because he was on a bicycle.

Now, as you and I both know, likely from experience, it is rather easy to fall off of a bike, especially while we are young and learning. I mean, you have to balance, watch where you are going, and make sure nothing is getting caught up in the pedals.

The last one just happens to be Biden’s excuse for why he fell – and to be sure, it’s a possible one. Watching video footage of the event even seems to indicate this as truth. However, as one doctor recently implied, the reason his foot got caught in the first place could be a much more serious concern.

Enter Dr. Marc Seigel and a Fox News contributor.

Seigel recently sat down to speak with fellow Fox employee Tucker Carlson to talk about Biden’s fall. And what he explained is that there is likely a physical problem with Biden, if not a mental one, as well.

The doctor said he is a cyclist and has been “all my life.” That being the case, he can certainly understand the difficulties with bike riding, such as getting your foot caught in the pedal. However, what he sees from Biden, in the way that he fell, is not just a simple mishap.

Instead, Seigel takes us back to last year, when his 2021 annual physical noted a sudden change in his gait or how he walks and moves, most specifically, his lower extremities or legs. The physician stated that his gait is now much more rigid and stiff than it used to be.

According to the document, “the President’s gait appears to be perceptibly stiffer and less fluid than it has been in the past.”

Now, this could be from several different things.

For one, Biden did have a fracture in his right midfoot last year, which, as Dr. Seigel admits, could affect one’s gait. Although, he doubts this is the entire reason, or at the very least, is concerned that it might not be.

Instead, he’s worried about the president having something more serious, such as Parkinson’s.

As he told Tucker, “There’s a study in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience that came out in 2017 that said that cycling is the exact right exercise to use if you have Parkinson’s – which I don’t know if he has – problems with gait or problems with thinking, executive function.”

Now, again, Seigel isn’t inferring that Biden does, in fact, have Parkinson’s or anything quite so serious. However, as he states next, a real explanation, if not complete, inquiry should be made.

As he says, “We need to know what’s going on with his gait and what’s going on upstairs.” As the American people, who Biden is supposed to lead and guide down the right path, it is our right to know.

I mean, what if Biden did have something like Parkinson’s? It would certainly explain his now awkward gait, his numerous falls, his rash reactions to some questions, and even his seeming inability to either think for himself or make sound decisions. And if left unchecked, it could bring everything we are as a nation crashing to the ground.

Then again, some might say it is already – and all under Biden’s not so fit for office eye.

We have record-high inflation, soaring gas prices, an immigration problem that no one in Washington seems to care about, and a supply chain crisis that isn’t going away, and don’t even get me started on how they might just get rid of our 2nd Amendment soon.

Some we might be able to attribute to Biden’s poor leadership skills. But if those are now coupled with a physical condition, we could be in for a world of hurt.

Seigel is right; if there is something more going on than Biden or his staff is letting on, we, the people, deserve to know. We need to know who is leading us and what we are up against, should he not be able to guide us properly, even if that means Kamala Harris has to take over for a while.

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