The White House Plays a Dangerously Biased Press Game

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The only way that the American people can understand what’s going on inside the White House is through press conferences. And it’s important that there isn’t any bias. Obviously, the media tends to be very biased, which is why we need as many reporters in the room asking questions as possible.

The White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) was founded in 1914 to ensure that journalists could cover the White House as well as the president. Once a journalist goes through the credentialing process, they have access to ask questions and provide media coverage.

The WHCA was actually created because there was a rumor that President Woodrow Wilson would hand-select the journalists who could attend press conferences.

Now, it’s no longer Wilson who is selecting the journalists – but those within Biden’s White House.

Sure, the WHCA still exists. But if Biden has a mysterious “list” of reporters that he is “allowed” to call on, it’s still going to be extremely biased.

Imagine – 100 reporters are in the room yet only a chosen 10 can ask questions. It doesn’t seem fair, and it isn’t. Yet, that’s exactly what’s happening right now.

This past Wednesday, Biden held a major conference. Once he gave his speech that focused on the results of the midterms, he said he was “given a list” of 10 reporters that he could call on. He made it clear that these were the people he was supposed to call on, and that they could ask him one question.

Wait a second – doesn’t that go against free speech? Who are these 10 and why is it that only 10 percent of the room can ask a question of the president?

The reporters ended up being from the far left – are you surprised? This included reporters from CBS, CNN, NBC News, ABC Radio, The New York Times, and a few others.

The Daily Caller was all over this, pressing to find out why the president has a list and what it takes to get on the list.

Olivia Dalton, who is the White House principal deputy press secretary responded to say, “Eh, not sharing. I don’t have anything to share with you on that.”

Even when pressed on the subject further, Dalton made it clear that she would not be sharing any details about why the president has a list and what it takes to make it onto the list. This sounds a whole lot like the reason that the WHCA was created. Only, when it came to Woodrow Wilson and the claim that he was hand-selecting reporters, it was an unfounded rumor.

Biden has already admitted to a list, which is something that his handlers are probably wishing that he hadn’t revealed.

Joe Biden is the president – and yet he doesn’t have the power to select whatever reporters he wants? What is that all about?

Many of the reporters on the list were able to ask multiple questions.

In January, Biden had a list of reporters he could call on, too. Only, after that, he opened the floor up to anyone and everyone. And after that happened, first lady Jill Biden confronted the staff and demanded to know why her husband was allowed to speak for two hours.

Apparently the “because he’s the president” wasn’t a good enough answer.

These are the issues we have with a 79-year-old man with dementia as president. We have to handle him with care so that he can survive his entire term. And to think – he actually wants to run for a second term.

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