Trump Demands Drug Cartels Be Treated Like Terrorist Organizations

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After former President Donald Trump left the White House in January 2021, many on the Left believed his career in politics was over. Still, the former leader is extremely popular within the Republican Party, and many want him to run again. Over the last six months, the former POTUS has dropped hints about his future plans, and recently stated that he’s made up his mind. The question is, when will Trump formally announce his intentions? Will it be before or after the midterm elections?

Regardless, on Tuesday, July 26, Trump sounded more like a candidate than a former president. For the first time since he left office, he was back in Washington DC, to speak before the America First Policy Institute. He covered a wide range of issues facing the country under President Joe Biden’s leadership. Among them were getting criminals and illegal narcotics off the streets and treating drug cartels like terrorists.

Trump Returns to DC and Blasts Democrats Over Their Destructive Policies

The former president’s overall message could be summed into a single idea: Biden is destroying America, and the GOP must win this November to stop him. Trump expressed dismay that the administration was sending the nation into a downward spiral. He touched on the economy, energy, immigration, crime, policing, drugs, homeless, and mental health reforms.

Trump blasted Biden and Democrats for giving criminals free reign on America’s streets. Regarding the drug problem, he said police know exactly who’s selling on the streets, where they’re sold, and what territories inside the US the cartels control.

The former president said the current administration and local Democrats refuse to allow law enforcement to do anything about the problem. Instead, the Left has focused on demonizing the police. Trump’s prescription was that cities need to hire more law enforcement officers than ever before. He suggested that a police car should be on every corner if that’s what it takes to end the murders.

Trump Calls on Government To Treat Drug Dealers and Cartels Like Terrorists

Trump said it would solve many problems if drug cartels were treated like terrorists. He noted that if the government was “brutally tough” on dealers, traffickers, and “narco-terrorist cartels,” it might save 200,000 lives every year. In addition, he said traffickers should receive the death penalty.

The former president warned that we have a big problem regarding drug use and homelessness. He said unhomed addicts should go to rehab or jail if appropriate. The homeless should go to shelters, and long-term mentally ill people need to be institutionalized.

Trump suggested that the government should create instant cities on cheap land using tents and permanent buildings for personal hygiene. He said medical professionals from a wide array of fields could help the homeless. While some may abhor the idea, he said what’s really bad is occurring now on the nation’s streets. If they get help in tent cities, they could get their lives back and return to society in a much better place.

Trump concluded his wide-ranging speech by saying he believed voters would reject the decline and demoralization of the country at the hands of Democratic policies. He called for voters to embrace a future that includes a “renewal, revival, recovery, and resurgence” of the American spirit.

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