Trump Ends Speculation That He Might Leave Politics: “I Can’t Do That.”

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(ThePatriotWire)- Donald Trump, the former president, explained why he keeps up the battle for what he dubbed “America First, Make America Great Again” nationalists while refraining from announcing a formal presidential bid for 2024. He said it’s because he cherishes our nation.

Trump said at the America First Agenda Summit in a speech given by the America First Policy Institute, which was broadcast live on Newsmax, that we should never forget that everything this corrupt establishment is doing to him is all about protecting their power and control over the American people.

He said they want to hurt you whatever they can, but their main goal is to break him, so he can’t return to working for us.

Trump reiterated his claim that the investigations, witch hunts, and House Jan. 6 Select Committee persecution would immediately cease if he were not discussing a 2024 presidential run.

He said the persecution of Donald Trump would cease immediately if he renounced his principles and promised to be silent. If he stayed home and took it easy, it would halt. He won’t act in that way.

Trump acknowledged that his life was “far simpler” outside of politics, but he cannot do so because we must “rescue our nation.”

In response, Trump stated that he loves our nation and the people of our country.

He said he’s not in public service because he had a very luxurious life. He had a very simple life.

Trump said that the day before you run for president is the best day of your life.

Trump also said that people often ask him why he always lets his political critics and opponents attack him.

“Who could have done this besides me?” Trump asked.

When asked how he wakes up in the morning, Trump quipped, “Do I have a choice?”

He said, “We take it, but I think the people respect that. I mean it. I see that, and maybe I see it more now than ever before.”

Trump’s popularity in polls remains high.He is also still a kingmaker when it comes to endorsements.

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