Trump Projected to Unify Republicans on Policy

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Leaders within the Republican Party are focused on winning the 2022 midterm elections. These upcoming House and Senate races will significantly impact the nation; they’ll also determine whether Democrats continue to control the House and Senate or if Republicans win back one or both majorities.

Winning the midterm elections in 2022 demands unity amongst Republicans. The most recent elections have largely caused infighting within the GOP, something that’s far from conducive to winning the midterms.

“Capitol Hill fox, National Mall” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Lorie Shaull

On Sunday, former President Trump will be speaking at 2021’s Conservative Political Action Conference. In these remarks and beyond, the 45th president is projected to unify the Republican Party on matters regarding policy, Breitbart News confirms.

Bringing Together the GOP

On policy, Republicans tend to be united more often than not. Therefore, policy matters are largely viewed as a strong suit of the Republican Party and a great foundation for unity.

This morning, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham spoke with the Fox News channel. While interviewing with the network, the South Carolina Republican stated that loyalty to Trump is paramount for the GOP winning 2022 midterms. Graham also explained that the former president wants Republicans to win next year and has been “working the phones” to make that happen.

According to Sen. Graham, he spent time with Trump this past weekend. Based on that time, Graham confirmed that the 45th president will deliver a speech that brings the Republican Party together based on shared policy outlooks.

Finally, the South Carolina senator warned that if the GOP “[argues] with ourselves,” the result will only be more election losses to the Democrats.

Getting the Party Back on Track

One survey after the other has shown that Trump maintains significant influence in the Republican Party; therefore, it stands to reason that the former president will be an important factor in getting the GOP back on track, especially for the 2022 midterm elections.

Despite Democrats’ impeachment shenanigans and other attempts to hurt Trump, Republicans still largely support him. The vast majority of conservatives would like to see Trump remain active in politics, whether by seeking political office or in some other capacity.

Sunday’s CPAC speech from the 45th president will mark Trump’s first return to the public since the end of his presidency. During this speech, Trump is projected to discuss necessary reforms and the missteps of the Biden administration thus far.

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