Trump Was Right and the Democrats are Playing Dirty

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Democratic leaders have argued for years that the 2020 election was fair and honest. They cried foul when Republicans wanted to audit results and look at the machines used for voting because they did not want to expose their lies. Former President Donald Trump had even alerted the country to the devious acts of fraud from the liberal left.

The media had their hands in the coverup as they refused to pick up on fraud reports from around the country. But now that the midterm elections are closing fast, the truth of what took place is beginning to surface because the liberals are up to their old tricks again.

President Joe Biden has done his best to divide the country and bring back segregation. The staunch division has allowed the left to cry racial foul on several fundamental voter law changes that they claim keep minorities from being able to vote. The frontal show of misdirection allows them to work behind the scenes to build up their fake voter registration pile so that they can stack the deck again when the time comes.

They do not understand that organizations are keeping a tight watch on what they are doing. The Public Interest Legal Foundation is a conservative law group that keeps tabs on what the liberals are doing with election matters.

The PILF has found that in New York alone, over 3.1 million registered voters had provided no personal information such as Social Security numbers or driver’s license numbers. Without the information, there is no way that voters can be identified as legal residents.

The vast amount of missing information gives the Democrats the ability to fake ballots and stack the voter count in their favor. The PILF has since filed several lawsuits to shut down the fraudulent efforts of the Democrats.

The law group also found in six counties in Minnesota that, there were 515 duplicate registrations. These kinds of so-called mistakes are precisely what the Democrats need to boost their voter count.

Red State Reported that the PILF wrote, “The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) prohibits states from accepting a voter registration unless the voter registration contains a unique identifying number such as the last four digits of a social security number or driver’s license number. The Department of Justice oversees HAVA enforcement and therefore, needs to act quickly in order to fix this crucial issue.”

The liberals have conveniently left off checking to ensure that all information is recorded correctly. They love to turn a blind eye to doing things legally.

J. Christian Adams is the president of PILF. Red State pointed out, “This lawsuit flurry will hopefully clean up some Minnesota problems because they’ve had these duplicates on the rolls for a very long time, and some, indeed, are casting two ballots.

One of the duplicate voters is “in a mental hospital, a convicted child sex offender, [yet] managed to cast two ballots in the 2020 election, it looks like,’ Adams said, adding: ‘We found a guy in Pittsburgh registered seven times.’ Shocked? Me, neither.”

The deliberate choice to rig elections is excellent cancer within the Democratic Party. They know that they cannot win an election without cheating. They take great effort into rigging things to fall in their favor.

Everything boils down to the Democrats needing to mess everything up so badly that people are confused and off-balance to how things should be taking place. The insane need to cover up their tracks and have the media lie about their actions is damaging at best.

Donald Trump raised the alarm after the 2020 election, and it has taken two years for everyone to realize he was right. The Democrats hijacked the election because they could fraudulently stack their fake ballots in favor of Joe Biden. They used the media to cover up their deeds and invented narratives to keep the public from realizing the truth.

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