Trump’s Security Team Given Orders Over Fruit Attacks, Report Finds

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(ThePatriotWire)- A writer from a far-left-leaning magazine suggests former President Donald Trump is afraid of pies. Or rather having pies thrown at him, for whatever reason the writer imagines.

The writer insists,  jokingly perhaps, [although it is hard to tell what goes on in a “Never Trumper’s” mind] that the former President of the United States at one point was absolutely terrified about being struck with a pie. The writer based this accusation on account of another left-leaning report.

According to reports, Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former fixer and a notorious fibber, says his former boss obsessed over a 1998 incident in which Bill Gates was hit with a pie while walking into a building.  Cohen claims Donald Trump believed the same fate would befall him if someone threw a pie at him. It wasn’t just one time, swore Cohen, who pled guilty to tax evasion. It was an ongoing and regular thing.

The magazine reporter, realizing that some may question Cohen’s accusations, offered melodramatically written proof of a sworn deposition about Trump’s so-called deep-seated phobia of being pummeled with fruits and vegetables. Trump mentioned that having objects thrown at someone is violent behavior. That seems to be a normal reaction anyone would have.

The writer obsessively continued with Cohen’s testimony about Trump’s alleged fear of pies, then added an alleged order Trump’s security team would follow to “hurt” anyone carrying such a weapon in his vicinity. Michael Cohen had testified as a witness in a 2015 lawsuit brought by a group of rioters who claimed that the Trump Organization’s security chief, Schiller, assaulted them while protesting outside of Trump Tower. According to the writer, while Trump stated that he did not instruct Schiller to assault the demonstrators and only learned about the alleged incident the next day, Cohen claimed that this was not the case. Both Trump and Schiller have insisted that the then-presidential candidate did not tell Schiller to use any force against protesters.

As another far-left site notes, if the case ever goes to trial, jurors will likely hear the stories and have to make up their minds about whom to believe.


Meanwhile, the continued verbal and litigious assaults on Donald Trump get stranger every day.

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