Tucker Carlson Reports That Governor Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Was “Made Up” By FBI

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(ThePatriotWire)- On Tuesday night, two men are on trial again for allegedly planning to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and Tucker Carlson criticized the FBI for allegedly coordinating the scheme by luring the defendants with drugs, money, and women.

Carlson described the plan and how undercover FBI agents put it together to assemble a ragtag band of “right-wing extremists” to carry out terrorist attacks.

Carlson began by presenting one of the defendants as “a 35-year-old Army veteran named Dan Chappel, also known as ‘Big Dan,’ who was employed by the US Postal Service as a contractor and drove delivery trucks in early 2020.”

While browsing Facebook one evening, he claims to have “simply come upon” the pro-Second Amendment group “Wolverine Watchmen” while browsing Facebook one evening. Chappel stated in his testimony that he was troubled by the group’s criticism of the police. So he went to a buddy of his who was a police officer and sought help. None of the group’s messages broke any laws, but within a week, Chappel found himself linked to the FBI and a number of FBI agents, including a special agent by the name of Jayson Chambers.

In addition to serving as an FBI agent, Chambers ran a security company named Exeintel as a side venture. Carlson claimed that this was against the policies of the bureau.

According to testimony in this week’s trial, Carlson said that we know why Chambers was interested in the case. It uncovered that Chambers was operating a side business against FBI regulations. He just incorporated Exeintel, a security company. He viewed his efforts on the Whitmer case as advancing his own company. We know this because, during the year 2020, someone connected to his company’s Twitter account frequently published sensitive information regarding the kidnapping case that Dan Chapel was developing for the FBI. The now-suspended Twitter user “ravagiing,” who listed themselves as the CEO of Exeintel in their bio, wrote, “Don’t worry Michigan,” according to internet archives. Just hours later, on October 8, 2020, the FBI conducted synchronized raids across Michigan, detaining over a dozen persons it claimed were connected to a scheme to kidnap the governor of the state. “I warned ya A LOT more coming soon,” the message read. After learning about the alleged plot the following day, the user tweeted once more: “I told ya ahead of time, Michigan. I also forewarned about the boot camps. Everything happened before this happened and is on my timeline. I forewarned you. Most significantly, I cautioned the radical left-wing politicians to exercise extreme caution in case they let the monster they created out of their hands.


The account had hinted at the plot against Whitmer for months. “Soon….MICHIGAN On September 24, the page tweeted, “Soon.” Nearly a year before the arrests, in December 2019, the account published “Michigan – I’ve got you in my sights; keep in mind this tweet. Infragard is a government-funded nonprofit that collaborates closely with the FBI on “counterterrorism, counterintelligence, cybercrime, and other matters relevant to informed reporting of potential crimes and attacks on the nation,” according to its tax filings. Documents revealed that Chambers owned the business Exeintel, while Jaime Chanaga, a cybersecurity volunteer, held the trademark.

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