U.S. Soldier Reportedly “Abducted” Child From Her Family

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(ThePatriotWire)- According to a report, the US Marine is suspected of abducting an Afghan orphan from her relatives and allegedly enticing them to the US last year.

The adult relative of the child and his wife have filed a lawsuit against Joshua Mast, 39, and his wife Stephanie, 38, in a federal court in Virginia.

The unnamed Afghan couple claimed that the American couple abducted her from them last year following years of fruitless attempts to have her transported to the US.  The complicated story started in September 2019 when the girl’s parents, siblings, and father perished during a US raid on their house.

Mast stated that the child’s father was a terrorist who detonated a suicide vest as US troops moved in on their home. She survived the blast but was taken to a US military hospital and spent two months there until she was handed to her cousin and his wife.

Reports show that Mast believed she would be ‘condemned’ to sex trafficking or terrorism if left in Afghanistan, even if she had a family to care for her. According to court records, he tried unsuccessfully for years to get the family to send her to America.

Mast obtained passports for the family in 2021, as the last US soldiers left Afghanistan and the Taliban began to rule. He set up their travel route from Germany to the US.  The couple claims that Mast forcefully kidnapped the child from them when they landed at Fort Pickett Base in Virginia late in the summer of 2021.

While residing as refugees in Texas, they claim they haven’t seen her since and are currently litigating in federal court to bring her back.

Mast, his family, and the child currently reside in Hampstead, North Carolina.

The Afghan couple, who have not been identified, spoke to the media confidently.

According to Mast’s account, the girl’s birth father was a suicide bomber who blew himself up during a raid in 2019 along with the girl’s mother and siblings.
He began the process of adopting the child to protect her from terror in Afghanistan.

The entire story is at the link above.

Child custody issues like these wouldn’t happen if the US did not get involved in Afghanistan.

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