Ukraine Gets Rich While Americans Suffer — Biden Asks For More Aid

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Haven’t we already gone down this road?

Didn’t Biden’s previous administration blow billions upon billions of dollars on the Middle East wars only to later botch the entire evacuation mission in Afghanistan costing us the lives of 13 servicemen and hoards of U.S. military equipment?

What is it with Democrats and funding foreign wars while ignoring the economy at home?

Joe Biden is in deep with Ukraine. He doesn’t want word getting out that he is well integrated into the corrupt structure of Ukrainian politics, let alone the shady business deals he’s made with embattled son Hunter.

As a result, the cognitively deficient President is keeping the American taxpayer on the hook and is forcing us to foot the bill for a war in Ukraine that in no way affects our lives.

On Thursday, Biden added fuel to the fire when he demanded Congress pass a significantly larger budget request for more funding for Ukraine.

“Basically, we’re out of money,” Biden admitted after the government spend billions on aid to Ukraine just last month.

The president called for Congress to send him an additional $33 billion in funds for Ukraine, despite the $13.6 billion funding bill passed in March.

He argued that Ukraine deserved more arms, funding, and ammunition to continue defending their country from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

Why does Ukraine deserve American tax dollars? Money that was involuntarily taken from us by the federal government to use for foreign wars: If that isn’t a broken system, then what is?

Biden said the United States had sent “thousands” of anti-armor weapons systems, drones, helicopters, grenade launchers, machine guns, and more than 15 million rounds of ammunition.

He also boasted that the United States had sent Ukraine ten anti-armor missile systems for every Russian tank.

“Russia is the aggressor. No, ifs, ands, or buts about it,” Biden said. “Russia is the aggressor, and the world must and will hold Russia accountable.”

Well, aren’t American contributions to the war of Russian aggression merely perpetuating the battle itself, adding to the death and destruction of the very people Biden purports to protect?

We’re wading in very, very fishy waters.

Author: Robert Bogart

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