Ukrainian Bomb-Sniffing Dog Given Medal for Finding Explosives

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Patron, a Jack Russell Terrier, helped clear mines and explosive equipment and taught children safety rules in a mine-affected area.

Zelenskyy handed out the award to Patron, a military engineer dog, at a news conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Patron helps teach children mine safety.

Patron has become a Ukrainian hero. A 2-year-old terrier named Patron was trained to recognize the smell of gunpowder and now helps Ukrainians cope with the war by sniffing out mines and missiles left by Russian forces.

When Patron isn’t sniffing out explosives, he’s out in the community doing charity work. He also enjoys classic canine pursuits like playing with his friends and snacking on his favorite treats.

Zelenskyy recognized Ukrainian heroes and a dog that helps teach children safety rules in areas with a mine threat. The dog’s owner was also recognized.

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