Wait Until You Hear the Latest Babble from Biden

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Rich Koele / shutterstock.com
Rich Koele / shutterstock.com

President Joe Biden traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, on Tuesday to visit a plant that makes semiconductors or computer chips. After a walk-through of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC), he also gave some remarks about his economic plan that he hopes will create a more booming economy in place of the dismal one his administration is responsible for with high inflation, high prices, and low morale.

But once again, it’s a roll of the dice whenever the president gets behind a mic. As he was reading his prewritten speech about chips made by the company he is there to hype about, he was asked a question.

It was a simple one, yet he got confused. “Is America really building back better?”

The president was trying to describe the size of the microchips made by TSMC, but he couldn’t stop saying “chips” unnecessarily.

“TSMC has announced a second major investment,” Biden said. “They will construct a second fab here in Phoenix to build chips- three nano chips- three nano chip- chips that are three nano- any- you know what I’m saying,” Biden decided that he should just quit trying to say it correctly while the audience laughed. Then he added, “Nano, nono, I don’t know,” the president added.

So now we have a president that legitimately can’t seem to get through a speech and an audience that is willing to turn the whole thing into a comedy sketch. But the reality is not very funny at all.

One thing was very real about Biden’s speech in Arizona; he did admit the existence of inflation in his remarks instead of denying that it exists. He called it a “high-class problem” and said that it was going to be “transitory” — but he insisted his administration was keeping the “job market resilient.”

Of course, this flies in the face of the fact that repeated monthly job reports have shown a shrinking labor force participation rate. Real wages also remain negative under the president’s policies, and there is Biden’s war on American energy that includes oil, natural gas, and coal which is costing union jobs. And there is the unconstitutional vaccine mandate that caused many hard-working citizens to lose their livelihoods.

Biden kept his tactless speech moving by talking about how world leaders have a “strong sense” that America’s economy is resilient.

“There’s a strong sense from all the world leaders of the resiliency of the American economy, and we’re seeing it here at home,” Biden declared.

I guess what he means is that Americans are looking through the 40-year high of inflation, the high gas prices, living paycheck to paycheck, and their mounting debt. Yes, they can peer through all of this and see “resiliency,” even though we haven’t even recovered the jobs that existed before COVID.

Another squirming moment in the remarks at TSMC came when Biden welcomed Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook. He has recently been under fire over protests in China and a change in the iPhone software that limited his ability to circumvent the Chinese Communist Party’s surveillance and censorship state.

This must have been another one of those mistakes that Biden’s handlers just missed.

It’s hard to know who is most responsible for this failed administration: the guy who can’t say just one “chip,” or the people that set him up for so many flubs and gaffes.

No matter how many times the president tells us that America is “back,” no matter how many times he uses the word “resilient,” we know that we are still in deep trouble.

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