Wait…Biden’s Not Running in 2024 Now?

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Oscar Ivan Lopez / shutterstock.com
Oscar Ivan Lopez / shutterstock.com

2024: It’s been the talk of the nation since, well, since the last presidential election in 2020. Naturally, the most discussed issue about the upcoming election is whether or not former President Donald Trump will run for office again. As a one-term president, he’s wholly within his rights to do so.

And, as you likely know, we have the answer to that now that the 2022 midterms are done and over with. It’s official; Trump will be making another go at winning the Oval Office and becoming America’s 47th president.

And that leads us to the next big question. Will Joe Biden run for office?

Now, to be clear, up until this past week, it was assumed that answer was in the affirmative. After all, Biden has hinted and even outright admitted that he would be running for re-election. Moreover, his wife has supposedly encouraged such a run, as she believes they are doing “good” things in the White House and wants that work to continue.

However, as everyone knows, Biden isn’t exactly the man he used to be. While he’s never really been the strong, commanding type that most of us see or imagine in a presidential figure, there was a time when he was a bit more than he is today. And by more, I simply mean more coherent.

Thanks to what many believe is the natural aging process and/or dementia, Joe doesn’t really seem to be either as understanding or put together as he once was. Some would even say he’s completely lost it and is simply walking around the White House in puppet strings, saying whatever he is told to, obviously going off script on occasion and making a royal mess of things.

Quite naturally, this has led more than a few on both sides of the aisle to question Biden’s fitness of mind for the office he holds, both currently and in the future. Besides, he is officially the oldest president our nation has ever had, and over the past year, he’s had a series of “health” issues that only encourage questions.

Despite all this, as early as just a few weeks ago, he seemed determined to make another four years in the White House possible.

But, according to a more recent statement, that may all be over – or at least someone seems to be having second thoughts.

On Wednesday, Biden gave a speech at the White House Tribal Nations Summit. When he was finished but not before he left the podium and walked off stage, someone in the crowd yelled out, “four more years.” No doubt they are a fan of Biden and the supposed good work he is doing for America. They likely had also heard his insistence prior that he would be running.

But Biden’s response didn’t suggest that as truth anymore.

He said, “I don’t know about that.”

Not exactly brimming with confidence, is it? I’m sure whoever hollered out the ‘four more years’ line was slightly disappointing. But then again, most democrats probably are.

To be sure, most would probably agree that Biden is not exactly the most ideal man for the job, either back in 2019 when he began campaigning or now. And while he’s likely led the nation right to where the Party had hoped, things didn’t always go as planned, leaving love for the left-leaning in desperate need.

However, at present, Biden is about the only shot the Democrats have.

Oh, sure, they have Kamala Harris, who, if given the chance to run for her boss’s job, would jump on it in a second. But it’s been made clear over the past two years that she is no one’s favorite.

Current Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg would likely do the same again if given the chance. But even his open homosexuality isn’t enough to get him very far on a woke ticket.

Neither is Gavin Newsom’s penchant for making a bad situation even worse. Newsom has made his intentions to run for president clearly in recent months, but only if Biden does not run. Like both Harris and Buttigieg, he’s promised that we would not challenge Joe Biden’s re-election should that be made official.

Well, it’s looking more and more likely that the latter will not happen. And that means the chances of a GOP win are higher than ever.

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