Walls Cave In On Biden After Hunter Bombshell Proven True

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As recently as Monday, Joe Biden attempted to dodge reporter questions after the New York Times confirmed the Hunter Biden laptop bombshell to be true after years of claiming “Russian disinformation.”

You can run but you can’t hide, Joe.

Despite the endless claims of “disinformation” by the Biden administration, the mainstream is finally coming around to admit the entire ‘Hunter Biden Laptop’ bombshell is completely true after the New York Times confirmed the story’s validity in a now-viral report.

The reports, which emerged in 2020, of Hunter’s bacchanalian laptop were of course all true. However, then-candidate Joe Biden could not afford a political scandal to this magnitude. Even after the Democrats rigged an entire presidential election and installed Sleepy Joe, his administration hammered the lie of “Russian Disinformation” down the throats of anyone paying attention.


The New York Times published in article on Thursday claiming which referenced “a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop.” The piece goes on to describe how emails pertaining to Hunter’s tax liability case, “were authenticated by people familiar with them and the investigation.”


Now the administration, namely White House press secretary Jen Psaki, has egg all over her face. You can see feel immense rage the very minute a reporter called her out on the lies she told not two years ago.


Hunter left his laptop at the Delaware repair shop in 2019 and never came back to pick up the device. The owner of the shop subsequently called the FBI after he became scared for his personal safety, having seen the information on the laptop, the report continued. FBI agents retrieved the laptop from the shop owner, providing him with a receipt published by Fox News.

Once The New York Times finally admitted the authenticity of the laptop, Big Tech giants rushed to censor any information that could harm candidate-Biden or even newly “elected” Biden. New York Times has since published a scathing piece referring to Twitter’s communist-like decision to throttle the news and freeze the newspapers’ account.

The content on Hunter’s laptop is said to be extremely disturbing though the public has only received a small dose of what’s really on the device. Nude pictures, blatant hard drug use with prostitutes, and, even more incriminating, damning emails implicating Hunter & Joe in a foreign money laundering scheme in which the crackhead son used his father’s name to enrich the family.

Is this why Joe went on an odd and nonsensical tirade earlier this week about nude pictures?


If this were a Republican administration, the Democrats would have already launched an investigation with a special prosecutor from the Department of Justice. Articles of impeachment would be filed and criminal charges would be considered — not to mention the fake news frenzy.

Speaking of Fake News, let’s check in and see how they’re doing now that the Hunter Biden story has been confirmed true:



Author: Nolan Sheridan

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