What the New Congress Needs to Do to Restore America

by admin
Lucky-photographer / shutterstock.com
Lucky-photographer / shutterstock.com

It’s time for change. I mean, that’s what Election Day just proved by giving the GOP such incredible wins, right? Americans were tired of how things were being handled and controlled by Democrats, so change was demanded.

Now, it’s time to make good on those campaign promises and begin rebuilding what we’ve lost in recent years – to restore law and order and return the US to economic prosperity.

Sure, it’s going to be hard work. In fact, some would call it rather daunting. I mean, I’ve rarely seen a bigger mess made of things in such a short amount of time.

But if anyone can do it, we, the American people, can. We’ve done it before, as history proves. So I have hope that it can be done again.

How, you might ask?

Well, I have a few suggestions, as I am sure most of you do. As I already mentioned, the way things were going wasn’t doing us any good. And so, I don’t doubt that most of you have some ideas on they should otherwise be handled.

Let me share my list with you, and we’ll see just how many you agree with.

First on the docket is to handle the mess made of our southern border. There has never been a time in history when so many illegals, criminals, and drugs have been allowed to transverse our national borders and make it into our communities and homes.

Thanks to Democratic President Joe Biden’s open border policies, death by drug overdoses, including a significant rise in fentanyl use, has exploded in the US because drug cartels from Mexico are literally pouring into our southern states, gaining access to the rest of us.

And don’t even get me started on the number of murders, sexual assaults, etc., that have happened due to these same despicable policies.

That leads to the second item on the list: restoring law and order.

For months, the political left has seen a continued effort to demonize our police forces and limit their resources. As a result, cities have become safe havens for crime, growing violence, and public disorder.

And even when criminals are arrested, in far too many cases, perpetrators are released on faulty bail systems within hours, allowing them to strike again. They are often out even before the police have had time to complete the proper paperwork and reports.

Third – let’s get started on restoring fiscal responsibility and prudence. That begins with dismantling the massive $4.8 trillion spending bills the Democrats have pushed through in recent months. They claimed these bills would help the American people and that they would support them following the unnecessary shutdowns of COVID-19 and its pandemic. But really, they’ve done anything but.

Rather than help people succeed, they’ve taught them that waiting around for handouts and government-controlled programs will get them just as far. And so, we now have a whole generation who believes they are entitled to the same wealth and privileges right out of the gate as those who have worked for decades.

We also need to desperately handle our lack of energy independence.

Again, thanks to Biden, we are more reliant on other nations, even those without good intentions, for a massive amount of our energy needs. As a result, the price of those energy resources has skyrocketed here in the states, with rations on some sources already beginning.

So let’s open up pipelines, issue permits for explorations and drilling, within reason, of course, and reopen power stations. Renewable energy isn’t a terrible idea, but it’s just not practical for the whole nation. Maybe one day, but until then, we need to be a bit more realistic.

Next is to reinforce our military forces. We’ve let those forces slip into complacency for far too long and focused more on ‘sensitivity’ training than wartime skills. And it has left us wanting in comparison to nations like China.

We must also take a good long look at our school systems and how we’ve allowed woke ideals to infiltrate them. From critical race theory to teaching gender and sexual perversions, we have let our children down.

And last but not least, let’s reconstruct the government institutions that are supposed to maintain law and order on a federal level. We must eradicate the corruptness from the Department of Justice, FBI and any other agency seeking political agendas over right and wrong.

What do you think – a good start?

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