Where Is My Pillow Now?

by admin
Ken Wolter / shutterstock.com
Ken Wolter / shutterstock.com

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and his company have all but disappeared from American TV ads and Wal*Mart since he began insisting that President Trump won the 2020 election. Now, this once-great product has all but disappeared from the limelight.

His products once were appearing on TV multiple times per hour as he reminded people of the importance of sleep, and proudly touted his “Made in America” pillows that were said to be the key to a perfect night’s sleep. Unfortunately, many TV channels and people could not stomach the idea of supporting him after he supported President Trump. How dare he…an actual conservative who believes in democracy?

It’s worked out well for him as he has still been selling his wares more quietly online, and only advertising to the insomniac crowd around 2 am. In turn, it has given him plenty of time to travel the country and advocate for voter’s rights as well as President Trump. However, the removal from Wal*Mart shelves was a real blow to his bottom line and the man himself.

“I tell them what I’m offering them, and I’m saying: ‘Why are you doing this? Why are you kicking us out and canceling us?… I said, ‘Shame on you, Walmart. You have over 10,000 vendors from China. I make all my pillows in Minnesota.”

According to other comments from Lindell, Wal*Mart claimed that their products were not up to customer satisfaction, but recent surveys and data suggest that’s just not true. Rather, it’s just another tale of Wal*Mart as they quickly become liberal central.

Perhaps it’s all going to be okay, in the end. Lindell has also been talking more and more about running as the Republican National Committee chairperson. His campaign was recently launched as an effort to dethrone Ronna McDaniel.

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