While the Press Whines, Musk Just Keeps Making Twitter Safe from Predators

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bangoland / shutterstock.com
bangoland / shutterstock.com

Elon Musk just keeps winning as the liberal press keeps losing their minds over the way he is leading as Twitter’s CEO.

The way this cycle of news goes is one media correspondent will say or do something inane, and Musk will respond with a one-liner that puts a spotlight on their baseless actions.

There have literally been weeks of hysterics, and things are just getting more intense. Musk just keeps making decisions that directly defy the left’s attempt to paint him as creating the digital wild west.

Journalists left and right are leaving Twitter and attempting to land on social media platforms like Mastodon. But the transition has not been smooth. Some in the media have not been allowed to join that program as they try to block journalists from entering.

Julia Ioffe, a pompous press member is having a meltdown and just keeps unraveling. She has declared Twitter to be “destroyed,” and she tried to make that announcement on Twitter! And it is hard for her position to hold any water with all the new arrivals coming to Twitter since Musk took over.

Of course, there is the much-announced exit from Twitter by CBS News. They announce their departure last week, not just some of their correspondents, the entire news division was “pausing” their activity on Twitter because of an “abundance of caution” and “in light of the uncertainty” of Musk’s leadership.

They could find anything really specific to back up their entire network virtue signaling with many others members of the press.

The ironic thing about this exit is that it seems CBS News could not last much longer than the weekend before they came back with their tail between their legs. All that trash-talking, all that mockery, and on Sunday they announced they were coming back.

While the news media makes themselves look weak and unsubstantial, Musk keeps doing things that build a new foundation at Twitter. One of those moves has been going under the radar and purging the site of sexual offenders and those who traffic in child pornography.

Eliza Bleu is a human trafficking and sexual victims advocate. She has been lobbying Twitter for some time to address activities related to these crimes on the social media platform.
Bleu announced recently that Musk has been leading the efforts to eradicate known hashtags that are being used by those involved in the trafficking of this evil material.

It seems ludicrous that this activity has been going on for some time without the kind of steps that Musk is pioneering now. Just this past September, Bleu put a spotlight on a case of a 13-year-old who was sexually exploited and images of the crime were being shared on Twitter’s platform. She reached out to the management and said that they did very little to remove the material.

The tragedy of the stories prevalent right now is that this move by Musk is being overshadowed by all of the silliness involving his takeover of the company. The media just seems to focus on the number of journalists who are whining about the “safety” of Twitter under Musk’s leadership. And their words are being shot across the news at the same time that he is directing real action against some of the most disturbing criminal activity that has been going on through the platform for years.

Where are the cheers?

The press just wants you to think about them and the threat that they might be facing under Musk’s leadership. Please look beyond the whining journalists and see the good work that is being done to make Twitter even better.

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