White House Climate Science Overseer Barred by the National Academy of Sciences

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While President Joe Biden and his Democratic minions celebrate the passage of their beloved infrastructure/climate change bill, it appears there’s some trouble brewing for the administration regarding its credibility. A new report revealed the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) barred one of the White House’s climate policy overseers from participating in the organization.

On August 8, Axios published a stunning exposé detailing a recent decision by the NAS to bar Biden’s deputy director for climate and environment, Jane Lubchenco, from participating in any publications and programs for five years.

The NAS told Axios that Lubchenco violated the organization’s code of conduct when she edited a research paper co-authored by her brother-in-law. The group retracted the study in late 2021, citing her conflict of interest. It also determined the underlying data supporting its conclusions was out of date.

Making matters worse, it appears the Biden Administration may have turned a blind eye to allegations surrounding Lubchenco’s work with the NAS.

On February 10, Republicans serving on the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology sent a letter to President Biden outlining their concerns. They cited Lubchenco’s alleged “clear disregard for rules” promulgated to “prevent conflicts of interest” while editing and co-authoring papers for the NAS.

The GOP lawmakers warned that Lubchenco’s “violation” of “core tenets of scientific research” raised alarming questions regarding her current leadership role in overseeing climate policy.

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