White House Notified Of Secret Witnesses

by admin

(ThePatriotWire)- Members of the January 6 committee in the House sent a warning to the White House in one of the final acts it took as a panel, warning members of the Biden administration that it can’t ensure that certain witnesses will be able to remain confidential.

In a letter they sent to President Joe Biden’s special counsel Richard Sauber, the committee’s chair and co-chair — Democratic Representative Bennie Thompson and former Republican Representative Liz Cheney — said they “fully share [a] concern for the safety, security and reputations” of the witnesses they called as part of their investigation.

Once Republicans finally select a Speaker of the House, they will take over the new House, which will officially dissolve the Democrat-led January 6 investigating committee.

The letter the leaders of the panel sent to Sauber on December 30 said they had an agreement with his office to make “personnel” available who provided “important information” to the committee during its investigation.

The committee agreed to “do its utmost” to protect the identities of these witnesses. However, since Republicans are in control of the House now, the committee “will no longer exercise control of this material, and thus cannot ensure enforcement of the commitment to maintain the confidentiality of the identity of witnesses.”

The January 6 committee released its final report at the end of 2022, and recommended former President Donald Trump to the Department of Justice for criminal charges related to his role in the Capitol riot in 2021.

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