White House Physician Says Biden Likely on a String of Drugs

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Congressman Ronny Jackson (R-TX) was the personal physician for two sitting presidents and an admiral in the US Navy. On Sunday, while speaking with Maria Bartiromo on “Fox News Features,” Jackson leaned on his credentials to give a scathing review of President Joe Biden’s current mental health as well as the actions of those he believes may be covering it up.

Jackson believes Biden is on a combination of drugs and schedule manipulation to make his presidency seem more legitimate. He’s convinced the commander-in-chief is in cognitive decline and won’t make it to the end of his term. The issue is nothing new for the congressman, who received an email from former President Barack Obama, according to Summit News, admonishing him for betraying those in his administration he had befriended. Obama was one of the two presidents who called Jackson their personal physician.

The note didn’t sway the lawmaker from Texas then, and it doesn’t seem to be swaying him now. He pulled no punches in the interview, making it well known that at least one person who knew Biden when he was vice president sees that he’s seemingly becoming a shell of his former self.

Representative Jackson’s experience and history give his assessment credibility. He believes Biden will step down, using either the obvious mental incapacitation he sees or possibly the scandal over his son, Hunter Biden, as the reason.

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