White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Just Can’t Answer This Question

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President Biden’s White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, was caught between a rock and a hard place once again in the spotlight of the White House press staff. She has a history of trying to do the impossible and defend the administration’s decisions and actions.

Jean-Pierre was rendered speechless when a reporter simply asked her about the Biden Administration’s alleged collusion with the big tech industry.

It is clear that high-ranking officials close to the president have worked hand in hand with big-time social media companies. This collusion has focused on censoring content that the administration considered to be “misinformation.” This is according to emails that have been revealed this week.

The government took on the responsibility of identifying what they considered to be “examples of problematic content.” And at their request, social media giants like Facebook and Twitter would take down the posts, the emails revealed. These emails were obtained by a lawsuit initiated by Republican attorneys general Erich Schmitt of Missouri and Jeff Landry of Louisiana.
This new damaging information also showed how big tech companies would engage in “regular chats” with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They worked together with the federal agency to remove what they consider to be “misinformation.” This was all done at the Biden Administration’s discretion.

In fact, the lawsuit stated that “dozens of federal officials across at least eleven federal agencies” engaged in a “massive, sprawling federal Censorship Enterprise.” The intent as well as the effect was to pressure social media platforms “to censor and suppress private speech that federal officials disfavor,” according to Attorney General Schmitt.

He went further, “Beyond DOJ, Meta identified 32 additional federal officials including White House Officials who communicated with them, and YouTube identified 11 federal officials including White House Officials who communicated with them, many of whom were not disclosed by DOJ.”

This past weekend, White House correspondent Edward Lawrence, from Fox Business, asked Jean-Pierre, “On social media companies, did the administration give Twitter and Facebook talking points over flagging what the president describes as misinformation?”

The White House Press Secretary began shuffling through her notes at the podium and looking stunned, she asked Lawrence to say the question one more time.

Lawrence reiterated, “Has the administration helped Twitter and Facebook with talking points about what the administration believes is misinformation, or how much coordination is there between the administration and social media companies?”

Jean-Pierre just could not answer the question. She did say with some stuttering that she did not have anything to share with them on that issue and she was not going to comment on it at this time.

The White House correspondent from Fox was not finished. He then talked about the fact that the attorneys general from both Missouri and Louisiana are saying that there was a vast censorship enterprise across multiple agencies.

But he was cut off in mid-thought by Jean-Pierre and she reiterated that she was not going to comment at this time. Tough day for Jean-Pierre.

She was also stopped in her tracks by a question about unvaccinated migrants compared with Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic. This question came from Peter Doocy from Fox News.

And Legacy media called her out for saying that President Joe Biden’s Philadelphia speech at Independence Hall would not be “political.”

But there’s more, she was also accused of spreading revisionist history by saying that former President Donald Trump wanted to close schools during the pandemic.

And then there’s also the fact that Jean-Pierre took up Biden’s rhetoric and called MAGA Republicans like Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis an “extreme threat to democracy, and called Trump supporters “fascists.”

How much longer can she stand doing this?

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