White House Vows To Veto Bipartisan Effort To End Mask Mandate

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With the help of eight Democrats, the U.S. Senate passed Sen. Rand Paul’s resolution to end the federal mask mandate on public transportation.

Don’t remove your muzzle too soon as it appears the White House will veto the resolution, that is if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will even allow a vote on the measure before it reaches Biden’s desk.

The resolution passed 57–40 with bipartisan support. Only one Republican voted against removing the mandate for air travel and other public transpiration. Can you guess which Republican it was?

“Today, the Senate said enough is enough and sent a message to unelected government bureaucrats to stop the anti-science nanny-state requirement of travel mask mandates,” Sen. Rand Paul said in a statement following the vote.

Kentucky Republican Sen. Paul has been on the frontlines defending individual liberty in the face of public health bureaucrats and an administration seemingly guided by pseudoscience and a need for control. Paul has battled it out with Dr. Fauci during numerous Senate hearings in which the two nearly came to blows.

The resolution had solid Republican support, with only one Republican breaking from the pack.

Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah was that single Republican who voted in favor of continual masking on public transportation — a move so unsurprising it’s almost not worth mentioning.

On the Democrat side, eight Senators facing reelection in either 2022 or 2024 voted with Republicans to end the mandate.

Last week, the Transportation Security Administration extended its mask mandate, which was set to expire March 18, to April 18, triggering an outcry from top Republicans. The Biden administration imposed the mandate in 2021 and has since extended it at least twice since then. The mandate requires the public to wear face masks in airports, trains, subways, and other forms of public transportation.

Meanwhile, even the deepest of blue states across the country have begun lifting coronavirus restrictions. Like magic, all of a sudden Democrats had a change of heart after two years of support for brutal lockdown measures which caused mass devastation throughout America. The science never changed, but the poll numbers did, and liberals quickly realized reelection would be impossible if they continued to impose coronavirus mandates.

The United States reported 39,024 new cases and zero deaths Monday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

However, an uptick in cases in certain European countries coincides with rumblings of a new variant, which could result in a major reversal back to the COVID dark ages. Here in the States, a bevy of Democrats recently tested positive, including former President Barack Obama, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, and a slew of House Democrats.

A return to any form of mandate or lockdown restriction will prove disastrous to the political career of anyone who supports it. It’s highly unlikely Democrats will take that risk knowing they’re on shaky ground with the American voter anyway.

Still, they cheated once and they’ll cheat again.

Author: Monica Hedren

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