Winsome Sears Vows to Get Rid of EV Push

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If you haven’t heard, there is a massive push going on right now to “go green” in America, particularly when it comes to our transportation and vehicles. Democratic President Joe Biden, thanks to his war on gasoline and oil, has forced prices way up, shut down numerous plants, canceled pipeline projects, and created all sorts of new policies, all to get you to trade in your gas-powered car for an electric one.

But in California, the push is even greater.

In fact, liberal Governor Gavin Newsom has even gone so far as to announce a plan to have the sale of all gas-powered vehicles in the state banned by 2035. Quite literally, this would force Californians to buy electric or walk.

Obviously, this is a problem for several reasons.

One is that before 2035 arrives, the state expects that at least one-third of all vehicles sold in the state should be electric or have zero emissions by 2026. That’s right, in just four years. And if automakers in the state aren’t selling this many, they will be fined no less than $20,000.

But what makes this even worse is that a few other states have vowed to partner with the left-leaning West Coast state in this endeavor. One of those is Virginia, who, if you remember, was just recently flipped quite solidly to red.

Now, it’s important to point out here that the state’s new leadership didn’t choose this. Instead, its former, Democratic-held legislation did.

As such, I’m sure you can imagine current state leadership not being too thrilled about the plan.

And that’s exactly why both newly voted in Governor Glenn Youngkin and his Lt. Governor, Winsome Sears, are vowing to fight the plan, both at home in their state and in California.

On a Monday, Sears told “Fox & Friends First” that she and the Governor were doing everything they could to get out of the deal and “repel this law.”

In her opinion, the law isn’t only unfair to Virginia but it’s also completely senseless. As she says, thanks to the law, “If California wants to jump off a cliff, as my mother would say, you’re going to do that, too.”

Essentially, pushing forward with these EV plans is doing just that, sending the whole state right off of a cliff.

Furthermore, the law that ties them to California makes Virginia a puppet state. As Sears asks, “If that’s how we’re going to pass laws in Virginia where, whatever California does, that’s what we do, then why do we have legislatures? Why do we have a governor?”

She definitely has a point.

I mean, state legislatures and leadership were created so that the people of that state were represented, protected, and given a voice. And yet, thanks to this law signed over by Virginia’s previous leadership, none of that matters anymore. Instead, what matters is what people, quite literally on the other side of the country and thousands of miles away, need and want.

How does that make any sense at all?

Besides, if you are going to choose any state to tie yourself to, I certainly wouldn’t have selected California.

The Golden State is number one in the country for homelessness, number one in poverty, has some of the worst roads anywhere, has a rising crime problem, water is literally disappearing, their supply chain is in crisis, long-term debt is everywhere, taxes keep rising, and don’t even get me started on the power grid problems.

Actually, we have to talk about the power problem a little bit, well, because it only makes sense.

As I mentioned, the state is having some problems with its power supplies. Some of this is caused by wildfires that get too close to power lines and such. Now, you might say that this can’t be helped.

But in reality, the state is supposed to do regular maintenance to keep things like brush and overgrowth from occurring in wooded forest areas. And yet, thanks to their liberal and overly environmentalist-friendly leaders, they haven’t. So, when wildfires happen, they spread super-fast and mess up everything.

The state even has a name for this because they’ve allowed it to happen so much. It’s called de-energization. And what it does is basically force power companies to shut down.

Add this to the problem of not having enough water energy and limited oil and coal sources; the power grid is overworked and unable to keep up.

And yet, they want to force you to drive electric cars…

No wonder Virginia wants to be rid of this law so much. They are only asking for problems being tied to California.

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