Woke Fail: Mental Illness Continues To Infect University Leftists

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At what point do we stop and really analyze what’s going on with the left especially on university campuses across the country.

They’ve deconstructed and bastardized the English language to the point of unrecognizability, they’ve destroyed what it means to be a man or woman, they’ve created an anti-white ideology which seeks to “kill whiteness,” among other atrocities.

However, this university takes the cake as the greatest woke fail of the week.

Northwest Missouri State University posted a tweet to commemorate the kick off of Woman’s History Month earlier this week. Seems fine enough, except they didn’t stop there.

The university also included a link to the Northwest website that listed the many activities students can partake in throughout the month that will end with the annual Influential Womynx Awards.

“It is vital that we celebrate Women’s History Month at Northwest to recognize the many achievements of influential women that usually go unnoticed, and to acknowledge the role Northwest’s women have played in delivering care and spreading the spirit of hope,” Dr. Giselle Greenidge, an assistant professor of sociology and a member of Northwest’s Womynx History Month Committee, said.

After significant backlash online, the university told Fox News in a statement that the term was intended to promote inclusivity. According to GirlBoss.com, the phrase has been used by progressives to avoid the TERF term “womyn.”

The insanity unsurprisingly garnered immense attention online, especially among conservatives, many of whom can’t believe the state of the left.

In 2020, TEDx London heaped scores of backlash when it announced it would be using the phrase “womxn” in place of women for inclusivity purposes.

Can someone please save us from this clown world libtards have erected to protect their fragile, frail, and fleeting feelings about what it means to be inclusive and diverse?

If it wasn’t so evil it would be humorous.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney

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