Woke Military Questions Mother Who Asked A Simple Question

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(ThePatriotWire)- A pronoun-afflicted Lieutenant Colonel recently alerted law enforcement to a worried mother’s Facebook posts.

Reports reveal a New Jersey mother was informed by local law enforcement that she was being surveilled at the request of military personnel who disapproved of her social media posts challenging the sexualization of children in schools.

Tucker Carlson highlighted this story on his show last Wednesday.

Angela Reading made parents in the North Hanover Township Elementary School District aware that students in grades four and up are encouraged to research eroticism  and create LGBTQ+ posters.

The worried mother suddenly became the target of Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Shilling, who claimed that the Joint Base McGuire, Fort Dix, and Lakehurst were looking into her posts and notifying law enforcement.

On his Fox News show, Tucker Carlson explained that the military installation was not a law enforcement agency. The military’s job is to protect us from enemies abroad, not to monitor our Facebook posts. He called the situation “bizarre.”  The adult content forced on children in schools is a problem on a national scale.

Reports show that many parents have spoken out against the literature and topics that children as young as Kindergarten are exposed to, such as transgenderism, pedophilia, gay pornography, and critical race theory.

After challenging school officials in recent months, parents have come under attack from leftists and even government agencies. In the meantime, the media is painting the opposition from parents as some sort of Puritan purge.

Chaos And Control revealed details on the story and wondered how much control the Joint Military base has over the neighborhood police in North Hanover.  How often do they collaborate to look into people exercising their right to free speech?  If the soldier is tasked with “safeguarding” the neighborhood, what would drive him to post information on Facebook about the grade and classroom of Angela’s young child?

Are mothers who exercise their First Amendment rights to speak out on issues of public and political concern involving their children now being targeted by the US military? Can we have faith in a “woke” military?

You can’t.

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